Launching a product when you are unknown

There is a saying the “first sale is often the most difficult” and I totally agreed.

At the start no one even heard about you, why would people even tried your product. This is also the toughest hurdle for most entrepreneurs (including me). So how would you launch a product online when you are unknown?

This week I curated the best articles I have read about launching new products. There are really good advise than sits in the articles :)

Enjoy the reading and love to hear what you have learn.

The BossList #16: Launching when you’re unknown

Not Creative

It was never about creative but a class that perhaps differentiate us.

Those who urge us to “think different,” in other words, almost never do so themselves. Year after year, new installments in this unchanging genre are produced and consumed. Creativity, they all tell us, is too important to be left to the creative. Our prosperity depends on it. And by dint of careful study and the hardest science — by, say, sliding a jazz pianist’s head into an MRI machine — we can crack the code of creativity and unleash its moneymaking power. link

No correlation

I feel that I’m missing something in building a successful company so I’m starting a habit to read a Paul Graham article each day. He and his team have manage to pick out big winners from unexpected situations, there might be something we can learn from his reading.

Meanwhile, the one thing you can measure is dangerously misleading. The one thing we can track precisely is how well the startups in each batch do at fundraising after Demo Day. But we know that’s the wrong metric. There’s no correlation between the percentage of startups that raise money and the metric that does matter financially, whether that batch of startups contains a big winner or not. via Link

My learning:

It’s hard to identify a clear big winner in startup investing. Sometimes the best idea is the worst idea you can hear from. But most importantly, it’s not about how much you raised for your startup, it’s how you build it.