Making podcasts, videos online during Covid19 with Clips app

Since started working home, there was slighted more time to get those creative juices running. In the past, I used to take a 45mins to an hour commute to work. Usually I take that time to read a book to listen to a podcast. Now I try create something over consuming. I decided to get … Continue reading Making podcasts, videos online during Covid19 with Clips app

Streaming music uses more energy than playing CDs

Streaming music uses more energy than playing CDs

YouTube energy consumption is around 0.1 percent of 2010 global electricity levels, rising to one percent by 2013.

Now in this case, would you give up online music store like spotify?

Angel’s Gate Preparation

As you all know I'm currently running a startup - Intraix with my buddy Darrell. The good news is Intraix has been selected to be one of the startup to pitch at Angel's Gate Season One. But the bad news is I did not have any post up on "running startups" because we were busy preparing … Continue reading Angel’s Gate Preparation still blocked in China!

Just came back from a 2 weeks' trip to China, the startup culture is certainly growing fast in China especially Beijing. I was not able to blog my experience over there because was still blocked. It was blocked in 2008 when I was there for NOC and it still is. "Self-hosted wordpress blog did not … Continue reading still blocked in China!

John Paul DeJoria – A classic American success entrepreneur

What to do on a relaxing Sunday? You could slack on a couch and watch TV programmes or You could get a good book from the library and learn something new. These are typically what I do on a relaxing Sunday, but what if there are no good TV programmes and I was too lazy to read. Well … Continue reading John Paul DeJoria – A classic American success entrepreneur

Singtel vs Starhub broadband services

I like to share my experience for having to use both of the BB services from both Telcos. I just to be have the Mio Home service which comes with fixed line, BB (3mbps), Mobile and Mio TV. I do not have much complain about the internet service just that sometimes the connections may drop … Continue reading Singtel vs Starhub broadband services

The Producer featuring Wall Street

Wall Street, CDO, CDS. and The American Dream presented in Broadway style. The original link can be found here And there audio stream on why the housing bubble was an inside job, it gives very interesting insights 🙂