My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

I would like to sincerely thank Barefoot Store Singapore again for giving me the opportunity to try out their EVO Barefoot. The Experience It certainly not easy to run a full marathon with EVO Barefoot because this is my first time going such distance with a minimalist shoe. But I have to say the experience is good. … Continue reading My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

My Tokyo Marathon Timing!

Eversince my personal best in Shanghai Marathon 2008, I was not able to break my PB. But I have set myself a goal to have a sub 4hrs marathon timing with that I would not give up!

New Year Resolutions 2011

Starting 2011, I am going to make a New Year Resolutions list every year and It would be reflected in the New Year Resolutions category. With this I am able to reflect what I wanted to achieved the particular year. Reflection would be done on 31 Dec 2011 🙂 Those that I was not able … Continue reading New Year Resolutions 2011