It is time to quit and kill that side project

I love doing side project. It is fun, it gives me time off to pick up a new skill and something I called my own. Of course, the best would be that the side project takes off and you become special. Do you use the mobile application SG NextBus? - It estimates the arrival times … Continue reading It is time to quit and kill that side project

Getting things done ALONE.

When you have a long stretch when you arent bothered, you can get in the zone. The zone is when you are most productive. Its when you dont have to mindshift between various tasks. Its when you arent interrupted to answer a question or look up something or send an email or answer an im. … Continue reading Getting things done ALONE.

How to do anything

I've found that when faced with a set of seemingly insurmountable challenges, the first step towards making it easier is to break things down into as large a set of small individual tasks as possible. via Justin Kan. Indeed small wins are important. Especially right now when I learning to code. At the initial stage, … Continue reading How to do anything