Overworked developers bring risk to your software

This part of the CyberWire interviews talks about the risk that overwork developers bring. Software are written by humans. Suppose if you overwork the developers, they will lose their focus which will bring both security and product risk. And if we think about it, if we are building some form of transportation or medical software … Continue reading Overworked developers bring risk to your software

iot owns you, no?

We need the right to fix our own property. We need the right to kick invasive advertisers out of our devices. We need the ability to shut down the information back-channels to advertisers, not merely because we don’t love being spied on, but because those back doors are security risks, as the stories of Superfish … Continue reading iot owns you, no?

Remembering Steve Jobs

The news of your death is spreading faster than ever before, You gave your heart to technology and you made it accessible to the masses. Without you, there can be no beautiful products like iPad, iPod, iPhone and iMac. You were a true motivator! You inspired me to startup, not because starting up was cool … Continue reading Remembering Steve Jobs

Comparing Ipad2 vs Samsung Tab 10.1 Presentation

Just take a look at the drastic difference in presentation. Even Thou I do feel that Samsung did a great job on the presentation slides but the presenter simply sucks. Apple Steve Jobs on the other hand wins it hands down! Check it out Samsung Tab 10.1 *Check out th eguys laughing in the background, … Continue reading Comparing Ipad2 vs Samsung Tab 10.1 Presentation

2010 in review – a great feature by wordpress.com

I received this in my email. I must say - a job well done! WordPress.com I loved it. I am with you wordpress! The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here's a high level summary of its overall blog health: The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow. Crunchy numbers About … Continue reading 2010 in review – a great feature by wordpress.com

Startups that work book review

Like I mention in previous post, after my discussion with zyy.sg. I decided to read up and understand more about the importance of business models for Startups.  So I picked up the book bu Joel Kurtzman "Startups that work". This is a pretty basic book, it runs through the research that the author conducted for … Continue reading Startups that work book review