Are you, an entrepreneur in Singapore?

Our very own song by local entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in Singapore! An exciting project produced by Express In Music together with the support from many fellow entrepreneurs. Not to forget my very own co-founder Darrell Zhang! Thumbs up!!! Proud of you guys!

Life is full of surprises!

I am so happy that I have to share this happiness with everyone now. We just won the 2nd Canon Young Entrepreneur Award. #2nd place but it is a vote of confidence for us. *this is Darrell, my buddy and cofounder for Intraix.

Spreading the love of Startups

Sometimes matters in life come to a standstill. You are at a lost of what to do and  you just need a little push before you get pass the wall. The same goes for cycling, I ride hard and fast but sometimes it feels so heavy and the bike just would not move. So what … Continue reading Spreading the love of Startups