Work Experience Or Going After A Degree?

Our Education Minister Heng Swee Keat shared his view on chasing paper qualifications on a recent news article on Today. A good academic qualification alone “does not guarantee a good career”, especially in the current volatile and fast-changing economy where mismatch of skills and expectations for job-seekers could occur, Mr Heng told some 300 graduates … Continue reading Work Experience Or Going After A Degree?

Productivity and Innovation Credit Workshop At Plug-In@Blk71

Businesses are able to enjoy 400% tax breaks or 60% cash payout for investments in innovation and productivity improvements under the PIC scheme. Productivity and Innovation Credit Workshop | Plug-In@Blk71. Startups are all about the Execution, but I also strongly believe in managing a good cashflow so I'm very careful with Intraix spending, always keeping burn … Continue reading Productivity and Innovation Credit Workshop At Plug-In@Blk71

Getting things done ALONE.

When you have a long stretch when you arent bothered, you can get in the zone. The zone is when you are most productive. Its when you dont have to mindshift between various tasks. Its when you arent interrupted to answer a question or look up something or send an email or answer an im. … Continue reading Getting things done ALONE.

Thank you, Plugin@blk71

I wrote a few times about Plugin@blk71 and even mentioned that its like a family to me. But I am ashamed, I am ashamed that never did I share about the pillars behind it, because Plugin@blk71 is really just a space, a vacuum, without the amazing people in it, it has no life, no meaning. I have forgotten who … Continue reading Thank you, Plugin@blk71

How Do Tech Blogs Make Money?

When I was in Business School, instead of WallStreet Journal or Singapore Business Times, I was more interested in reading tech blogs (or some may call it tech publications). The regular ones that I followed closely and covers the Asia startup scenes are SGEntrepreneur, e27 and TechInAsia. (there are more now and you can get it … Continue reading How Do Tech Blogs Make Money?

Should startups work together?

As you read this post, Intraix will launching our mobile app at the ECo Day Out 2013 @ South West. This an annual event by South West CDC to highlight and educate the community on environmental issues like energy conservation and the 4Rs. For the past month, we have been preparing for the launch and I really learn a lot … Continue reading Should startups work together?

Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?

I had this discussion about "Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?" with several entrepreneurs and most of us agreed we should be spending time building the product rather than doing consulting work. When I meet up with investors, we talk about this topic too and You Can Only Do One Thing At A Time are the the words … Continue reading Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?

What I Learn From My 30 Days Coding An iPhone App.

3 years ago, I talk about learning to code out an iPhone App. But the attempt fail because the learning curve was apparently quite high (when I tried learning it from the Stanford online course) and there wasn't much  tutorials like this. Excuses aside, I was lazy it was all "NATO". Last year, things changed. Being in Plug-in@Blk71, … Continue reading What I Learn From My 30 Days Coding An iPhone App.

The trend towards the single page web

If you are not tech savvy and you are looking to do up a website. You can go online and get a quote from any web studios. They will be charging like $800 for 5 pages and the more pages you create, the more you pay just like the one above. But recently there seems … Continue reading The trend towards the single page web and its distributed workforce

“I would say going into the office every day is a productivity loss,” Mullenweg says. “Most offices are fairly soul-crushing environments. I think part of the reason is that they’re… via Matt Mullenweg: Distributed Workforces are All About Results. I first learn about wordpress begin a distributed company from Philip at my first wordpress meetup. He shared … Continue reading and its distributed workforce