What if 

Since starting work as a regular employee, everyday I ask myself “what if” What if I had done something different What if I had known the unknown -> which is impossible What if I try again and fail? The statement in bold below describe exactly what situation. After you ask “what if” and find your … Continue reading What if 

sandwiched in your startup?

You are at the same time sandwiched between the Officer (this could be the CEO or the Client) and your fellow men (this is your team). Your CEO expects 101% and nothing less from you to build the “most awesome” product while your team members highlights to you that somethings are just not possible in … Continue reading sandwiched in your startup?

Launchbyte: It’s hazy in here

Launchbyte - 02: It’s hazy in here. Yes, our 2nd episode. We talked about haze monitoring apps, 3D printing and project management tools (trello & asana) love to hear your feedbacks here.

The playing field is level again.

The playing field is level again.Apple has set fire to iOS. Everything’s in flux. Those with the least to lose have the most to gain, because this fall, hundreds of millions of people will start demanding apps for a platform with thousands of old, stale players and not many new, nimble alternatives. If you want … Continue reading The playing field is level again.

One Thing Each Day | The Minimalists

You see, once you gain momentum, once you strengthen your simplicity muscle, once you feel the benefits, embracing minimalism becomes easy. The more you do it, the freer and happier and lighter you feel, and thus the more you want to throw overboard. The more action you take, the more you want to take action. … Continue reading One Thing Each Day | The Minimalists

make money first, rest comes later

And I also learn. I learn how it feels when you take money from customers. I learn how to charge for my work. How my 6 months hard-working in programming, havent give me any cent yet, while a few minutes of service, can give me a real dollar. via Milo Kong!. Milo Kong - a … Continue reading make money first, rest comes later

How do you communicate within your startup?

Graduating from business school, I'm taught that communication among team is upmost important to a manager. Information should flow 360 degree, Managers should keep their team updated with latest development, the direction it is heading while collecting feedback from members about the problems they faced, etc etc. This keeps the team in the loop and … Continue reading How do you communicate within your startup?

I’m a builder.

This is a very simple app that I just build for my girlfriend's birthday yesterday. A label to acknowledge her birthday and a button that plays a happy birthday song when pressed. I sent it to her via Testflight. Compared to 3 months ago, I could not do shit with Xcode and I would have went … Continue reading I’m a builder.

An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

Here’s a shout out to all startups out there,Happy Lunar New Year to all!! HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!!  And to all entrepreneurs,新的一年,生意兴隆,财源滚滚! **non-chinese readers, it means I wish all of you prosperous in your ventures and make lots of money! I actually wanted to skip writing this week because of the Chinese Lunar New Year … Continue reading An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

Uber Is Now In Singapore!

Uber Is Now In Singapore, and I tried it with my mom yesterday. Although the price is a bit on the high side (see pricing here), the service was great. Chinese lunar new year (CNY) is coming and every year my mom would be busy preparing for the steamboat dinner that we are going to … Continue reading Uber Is Now In Singapore!