Book Review & Learnings: Company of One

Company of One is an interesting book that shows me how successful profitable business can be run with a small team or by one person. It shares a perspective that business can choose to go for “Better” rather than “Growth”. When business goes for “Growth”, they took on many tasks and start to lose focus. … Continue reading Book Review & Learnings: Company of One

We Have All Grown Up

Intraix had it's office warming on Friday and like to say a big Thank You to all of you who came. Thank you so much for taking your time off. I feel so love when I see you guys visiting us, I apologised for the fast moving pizzas but I hope the drinks can make … Continue reading We Have All Grown Up

Thank you, Plugin@blk71

I wrote a few times about Plugin@blk71 and even mentioned that its like a family to me. But I am ashamed, I am ashamed that never did I share about the pillars behind it, because Plugin@blk71 is really just a space, a vacuum, without the amazing people in it, it has no life, no meaning. I have forgotten who … Continue reading Thank you, Plugin@blk71

Intraix Onwards To The Promised Land?

This start of 2013 has really been amazing for Intraix. We have our Home Energy Monitoring app launch with South West CDC on 27 Feb 2013. And this week, we signed a partnership deal with Smart Integration from Japan. This is definitely an exciting time for us. But I stop and start to look at the famous Paul Graham's startup curve, where … Continue reading Intraix Onwards To The Promised Land?

Should startups work together?

As you read this post, Intraix will launching our mobile app at the ECo Day Out 2013 @ South West. This an annual event by South West CDC to highlight and educate the community on environmental issues like energy conservation and the 4Rs. For the past month, we have been preparing for the launch and I really learn a lot … Continue reading Should startups work together?

I am going to do this in 2012

After looking back at 2011, I will be setting out my 2012 New Year Resolutions in this post. I read this article “3 Year Personal Development Plan” from David Cummings and decided to take some references from him in categorizing my New Year Resolutions. First - Personal goals Read ONE book per month - Blog down … Continue reading I am going to do this in 2012

The hottest place for Startups in Singapore – Get Plug-in@Blk71

Together with my partner Darrell, we ran a startup Intraix that is currently incubating at Blk71 aka Plug-In@Blk71. Picture on the left highlights the #1 reason you should too incubate at Blk71.  So what is Blk71  all about?  Blk71 is building up an eco-system where startups meet, match and connect. With reference to Brenden Mulligan's article on techcruch, Blk71 is in fact building an Startup Hub and … Continue reading The hottest place for Startups in Singapore – Get Plug-in@Blk71

Angel’s Gate Preparation

As you all know I'm currently running a startup - Intraix with my buddy Darrell. The good news is Intraix has been selected to be one of the startup to pitch at Angel's Gate Season One. But the bad news is I did not have any post up on "running startups" because we were busy preparing … Continue reading Angel’s Gate Preparation