Building Bosslee Tech

maybe its due to the recent work environment that shape me. Or it could be my age, I turn 38 this year. What is there to lose, if want to do, just do lah. No one will have time to laugh at you and even if there is someone who laughs at you You can be sure that he/she was at least watching the videos.

Becoming a phone addict

Phantom vibration syndrome or phantom ringing syndrome is the perception that one's mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not ringing. Never thought that there could be such a thing as Phantom Vibration. For the last few weeks, I been experiencing such. When I have my phone in the pocket, I will have … Continue reading Becoming a phone addict

Brands aim to become people and people becoming brands.

As brands aim to become people and people becoming brands. If you are managing a facebook page like me or you are an community manager. You should spend 10mins watch this video.

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

if you are a blogger,
if you are someone who like taking control of your posting on social media,
if you like getting attention on the web.

Thinkup is for you. It allows you get your social media data with YOU and give your the analytics on what's hot and what's not. Best of all, it's free.

I just discovered it today 😀

Connecting your professional world visually with Linkined Imaps

There is no doubt that social media is now part of our everyday life. Each day as I step onto the train, I see people tuck in one corner scrolling down and reading updates from their friends, it can be twitter, facebook or even blogs. Now there is even a score to measure how you … Continue reading Connecting your professional world visually with Linkined Imaps

I used pinterest and more often than facebook

Just before I went for my Ironman Triathlon, I came across two social networks that built around interests. First was than came pinterest. If you are thinking that I am writing about vs pinterest :D, I am not. In fact, there are already many blogs and sites that reviews both sites. Plus I … Continue reading I used pinterest and more often than facebook