Free video conferencing tools for small business during the Circuit Breaker period

PSA: Here are some free tools for SG Businesses to use when the circuit breaker starts. It will be much better than whatsapp #covid19 #circuitbreaker

E-commerce 2020

I have been in the e-commerce industry for 3 years, not counting those period when I try to sell things online. These 3 years working in this competitive landscape truly opens up my eyes. We are still young when compared China in terms of e-commerce maturity. Both on how sellers operate and the technology powering … Continue reading E-commerce 2020

Expensive Coffee in Singapore

The price of coffee in Singapore is raising again. This time round coffeeshop owners are saying that this is mainly due to the water price hike that the government is going to put in place in July 2017. I agreed that when you are running a business you need to make money. I'm also trying to … Continue reading Expensive Coffee in Singapore

Fundraising for your startup?

Are you currently fundraising for your startup? Do you have the musical talent? ie. rapping? How about learning from this fellow startup Take a look at one of their fund raising videos to the angels! Also checkout the rest of its rap videos to other VCs over here.  

To stay focus! How hard can it be.

Yesterday, I met up with 2 friends. A Lady - with clear focus and objective on climbing the corporate ladder. A Guy - with a dream and commitment to be an  Entrepreneur I admired them because both of them are focus and have clear direction on what they really one. Upon graduation, the lady focus solely on the … Continue reading To stay focus! How hard can it be.