We Have All Grown Up

Intraix had it's office warming on Friday and like to say a big Thank You to all of you who came. Thank you so much for taking your time off. I feel so love when I see you guys visiting us, I apologised for the fast moving pizzas but I hope the drinks can make … Continue reading We Have All Grown Up

Passion. The one thing that drives entrepreneurs.

Passion. The one thing that drives entrepreneurs.

I mean how crazy can we get right? Right after graduation instead of following the usual route of finding a job, we went straight into starting a business. Thinking that we can change the world. And during the journey, while your fellow classmates are earning just enough to cover their student loans, you barely have enough to cover your meals. Everyday, when you reach home, you parents will be asking when are you going to start bring money back to support the family. When your friends get their first paycheck, they celebrate with big purchases or even big dinning treats. They ask you along but you say no “thank you” I’m busy. But in fact, you just do not have that disposable income for it. And when you get a seed fund, you friends ask you out for celebration and you still say no “thank you” I’m busy. Why, because you are responsible, you are workaholic and you want to ship out your product fast. All above and many more are what real #startuplife is about. This is Singapore not Silicon Valley. If Passion is not the thing that drives us, I do not know what else is. Photo Credit: https://www.facebook.com/peckying Well Done:) peckying for the poster!!!

Are you fundraising? Try telling a story.

Intraix is in the fundraising stage soI have been looking around, reading up on what Venture Capitalists are actually looking for in a startup. I found this articles with videos from SalesSchool. Mark Suster - the entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Side of VC gave the presentation. He talks about begin narrative in your pitch could help you get across the ideas in a … Continue reading Are you fundraising? Try telling a story.

Chat with founders from Gozo Labs

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with up with the founders of Gozo Labs - Xu DaXiang and Quek Shu Yang. On a personal basis, I met Daxiang when I was in Yahoo!. He was with the search marketing team while I was in business operations. DaXiang and Shu Yang met in the NOC … Continue reading Chat with founders from Gozo Labs

Venturing into #startuplife? Read this first.

Before anyone takes the plunge into the startup space. There are many considerations involved. I am not going to post why I do a startup here. There already many articles and blog posts written about individual decisions in venturing into startups. 1. Jacky Yap - Undergraduate's POV 2. Vanessa Tan - To study or not? 3. A presentation by … Continue reading Venturing into #startuplife? Read this first.