Business Communication ES2002

NUS Business School AlumniView more presentations from ahsing.This presentation is the Participation of NUS BSA activities among current undergraduates.It also provide recommendations to the defined problems* This was done during our ES2002 module. This upload is for sharing purpose onlyI would like to creditMak Li jiuanEdmond TanEthel JiangLin Yao*if you are interested in this report, … Continue reading Business Communication ES2002


Operation ..argggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggMistake today for get to do a 7 marks questions....aiyo, But something turn up well the questions that I hope to come up did came up hahahSo OM completed My beloved ride till his out of gas... really push to its limit..half way on CTE bike start to slow down with chocking symptom.. … Continue reading DSC2006