Fundraising for your startup?

Are you currently fundraising for your startup? Do you have the musical talent? ie. rapping? How about learning from this fellow startup Take a look at one of their fund raising videos to the angels! Also checkout the rest of its rap videos to other VCs over here.  

Chat with Jerry Chen from Express In Music

If you are running a startup, have you ever consider using music or sound as your marketing tool? Last week, I met up with Jerry Chen CEO from Express in Music. I got to know Jerry during the Angel's Gate contest. A business guy with lots of creative ideas, his business has already gain quite … Continue reading Chat with Jerry Chen from Express In Music

Chat with founders from Gozo Labs

This week, I had the opportunity to meet with up with the founders of Gozo Labs - Xu DaXiang and Quek Shu Yang. On a personal basis, I met Daxiang when I was in Yahoo!. He was with the search marketing team while I was in business operations. DaXiang and Shu Yang met in the NOC … Continue reading Chat with founders from Gozo Labs

Venturing into #startuplife? Read this first.

Before anyone takes the plunge into the startup space. There are many considerations involved. I am not going to post why I do a startup here. There already many articles and blog posts written about individual decisions in venturing into startups. 1. Jacky Yap - Undergraduate's POV 2. Vanessa Tan - To study or not? 3. A presentation by … Continue reading Venturing into #startuplife? Read this first.

#sgstartups can now party like TechStars!

With the increasing initiative of Entrepreneurship from the government and the private sector, Singapore Startups can now party like TechStars! through the Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI). The Joyful Frog Digital Incubator (JFDI.Asia) is a Singapore-based, privately-owned company that creates and supports digital businesses, accelerating them from start-up through investment to realizing their value. JFDI recently partners with SingTel Innov8 (Innov8), … Continue reading #sgstartups can now party like TechStars!

Chat with Ng Weileen from 9flats Asia

With reference to my previous post. I like to thank Weileen for giving me the opportunity to interview him. A short bio on Weileen - He is my senior from the NUS NOC Shanghai program and have deep experiences in running startups. He co-founded 2 companies - and Indie Tee Room. Both startup deals in the retail industry. After which he moved on … Continue reading Chat with Ng Weileen from 9flats Asia

Spreading the love of Startups

Sometimes matters in life come to a standstill. You are at a lost of what to do and  you just need a little push before you get pass the wall. The same goes for cycling, I ride hard and fast but sometimes it feels so heavy and the bike just would not move. So what … Continue reading Spreading the love of Startups

Where can you get free startup mentorship?

Singapore! Since I started my startup journey, there are so things buzzing each day. One thing is for sure the support for entrepreneurship in Singapore is certainly rising. Beside the funds that are available for startups (Spring, iJam), there is now also mentorship opportunities available from experienced entrepreneur even you are not funded. In the past, having an … Continue reading Where can you get free startup mentorship?

I quit my job to startup again.

14 Sep 2011 was the last day I received my final pay check from the company. I said goodbye to the stable income and hello to #startuplife" again. 2 years ago I tried to build a startup with my buddy zyy. We failed! but along the journey we learn so much more. Now, after spending … Continue reading I quit my job to startup again.