2019: The usual goal setting for the year

The usual goal setting for the year It's the time of year again. Time for the usual goal setting and knowing that in a few months, that goal will be fail or the resolution will break. I believe by now most of us know that, it's hard to keep to new year resolution. But we … Continue reading 2019: The usual goal setting for the year

Keep Calm and Carry On

Boston Marathon is one of the races that I aim to go and I have deep respects for the runners who are taking part. I do not have much to say about the tragic incident but I am a Runner, and this incident deeply saddens me. As I watch the news about runners who lost their … Continue reading Keep Calm and Carry On

My first 1000m Trail Run

tl:dr I just completed my first 1000m trail run. In case you wonder what is 1000m to an Ironman finisher. This 1000m *is not the distance but the altitude, together with strong wind and the fluctuating cold weather, this is also the toughest trail run that I did after The North Face 50KMin 2010. This … Continue reading My first 1000m Trail Run

It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

Initially I wanted to write a blog post titled my unexpected journey 2012 before doomsday. So I took some hours off yesterday thinking how should I start and this morning I started to craft the post, hopping I have it out in the evening . But something happen today, my Mac went dead. It went … Continue reading It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

Just last week, I had an awesome run with my friends over at Safra AHM. I am slightly disappointed with my timing because I was aiming for a 1:45:00. But this also pushes me to work harder for the next race. Thank you Weileen, Coach Sham and Weesan for your pacing, otherwise I would be … Continue reading Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

I would like to sincerely thank Barefoot Store Singapore again for giving me the opportunity to try out their EVO Barefoot. The Experience It certainly not easy to run a full marathon with EVO Barefoot because this is my first time going such distance with a minimalist shoe. But I have to say the experience is good. … Continue reading My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

Route to IMWA 2011 – Run with Evo 10km

This year I would be using Terra Plana Evo for my Ironman Race in 4 Dec at WA. Today I started my  first training session on a new Evo. Feeling is good, feet is light and I can feel the ground. I started slow, feet was feeling weird... like my right leg is feeling more … Continue reading Route to IMWA 2011 – Run with Evo 10km