A word that most people are afraid to face.

A word that most people are afraid to face.

Failure is not an option — it’s a requirement to get to success. Really? Do you think failure is a requirement to get to success? I like to share this text with you from the book "Rework" - Don't be fooled by stats. Other people's failure are just that: Other people's failures...... What do you really learn from mistakes? You might learn what not to do again, but how valuable is that?......Learning from success...When something is succeeds, you know what worked and you can do it again" What are you thoughts? Do we really learn from failure? is it now just cool to say I failed 2..or even 4 startups? Let's take this into comments 😀

The future is about writing.

I'm terrible at writing, often my buddy have to correct my grammar or spelling mistakes on our company's blog post. I am concern because the future is more about writing than ever. With increasing engagement of the internet, people use IM, emails, blogs and even now ability to have self puslishing ebooks to communicate thier … Continue reading The future is about writing.