Preparing a pitch for Techventure 2012

Recently, Intraix got shortlisted for Techventure 2012 for a pitch. The event known as “Pitching To The Stars” is a 3mins elevator pitch to renowned investors like Eduardo Saverin, George Kellerman (500 StartUps) and several others. I pitched for the event and like to share my thoughts on the pitch and how I prepared for … Continue reading Preparing a pitch for Techventure 2012

Are you fundraising? Try telling a story.

Intraix is in the fundraising stage soI have been looking around, reading up on what Venture Capitalists are actually looking for in a startup. I found this articles with videos from SalesSchool. Mark Suster - the entrepreneur who has gone to the Dark Side of VC gave the presentation. He talks about begin narrative in your pitch could help you get across the ideas in a … Continue reading Are you fundraising? Try telling a story.

My first pitch to VCs

Last week, I just did my first "FULL" pitch on Intraix to a group of investors. For people who knows me, you must be wondering "hmm, Bryan doing his first pitch?" Unlike the usual presentations I done, at Intraix we pitch our concept to investors, mentors or even industry experts in a team. Both Darrell and I will take … Continue reading My first pitch to VCs