Finally, Triumph & Contrast

Finally! I managed to reach Day 20 of #Photo101. This is the last day of the challenge. I'm excited. Excited because I look forward in venturing out and taking more photos, plus it has really been a challenge to keep up with the regular posting. However I do feel that it sort of becomes a … Continue reading Finally, Triumph & Contrast


There theme for Photo101 day 19 is Double. Double can be interpreted in many ways, sometimes double means 4. Using Instragram's new app Layout, I was able to a double vision photo out from 3 different photos and 2 different filters. The double "effect" here are the books shelves that are like snaking around.  

Edge & Alignment

Day 18 of #photo101 talks about the use of edges and alignment. If required, we can also use photo editing software such as photoshop or Snapseed (mobile). My personal favourite is to use the photo editing software on GooglePlus. I know 😀 When I talk about googleplus, many of my friends would be like "huh!!!" … Continue reading Edge & Alignment

Glass, Squared

Day 17 of #photo101 talks about using glass in images to create an interesting photo. The task was to have a different point of view so instead of finding a glass. I did the following. This is a original photo taken from my flat. And this is another one that is taken from an alternative … Continue reading Glass, Squared

Close up

Day 16 of #photo101 focus on close ups.  Often, our goal is to capture as much of the scene as we can. Zooming in (or focusing on) a particular detail can produce a beautiful image and help you tell a more interesting story. Instead of just taking the photo as a whole, try to zoom … Continue reading Close up


Landscape Day 15 of #photo101 Landscapes generally focus on wide, vast depictions of nature and all of its elements, from formations to weather. In this genre of photography, you won’t find much of a human presence: nature itself is the subject. A focus on nature isn’t mandatory, however — you can capture a sweeping panorama … Continue reading Landscapes


I like the challenge of Day 14. Today’s Tip: Don’t just point and shoot. Observe your scene before pressing the shutter, considering how all the elements in the frame interact with one another. Make an object appear larger through a ground-level POV. Place two things side by side in an unexpected way. The aim is … Continue reading Observation


Moment & Motion Day 13 of #photo101 brings us to moments. Movement is a great way to convey time and fleetingness. Before I shared the photos, I like to share some challenges I’m facing in this Photo 101 challenge. It is not easy to turn something into an habit. Initially I start out the challenge … Continue reading Motions

One color

Day 11 of #photo101 brings us to One Colour.  Choose one bold color against a neutral background, instead of several colors competing for attention in a scene. So instead of having a mess of colours coming together the tip was to have a single colour that stands out in the photo. Furthermore it also trains … Continue reading One color

Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects

Today’s Tip: To stretch yourself, manipulate the light available to you to create a particular effect — use it to cast shadows and highlights to create a moody image. Work with natural light, or find an artificial light source like the stage lights above. Via Daily Themes | Photography 101: The Commons Mystery and light. … Continue reading Day Ten: Mystery & Lighting Effects