Thank you, Plugin@blk71

I wrote a few times about Plugin@blk71 and even mentioned that its like a family to me. But I am ashamed, I am ashamed that never did I share about the pillars behind it, because Plugin@blk71 is really just a space, a vacuum, without the amazing people in it, it has no life, no meaning. I have forgotten who … Continue reading Thank you, Plugin@blk71

With Twitter, I Became A Reporter At #SWSG2012 That was how I feel when I attended the Startup Weekend 2012 in Singapore just yesterday. Startup Weekend 2012 was held over 54hrs at NUS Business School. Yesterday at 6pm, about 20 startups had a 5min opportunity to present their wonderful ideas to some of our top local investors and entrepreneurs. The startup scene … Continue reading With Twitter, I Became A Reporter At #SWSG2012

I quit my job to startup again.

14 Sep 2011 was the last day I received my final pay check from the company. I said goodbye to the stable income and hello to #startuplife" again. 2 years ago I tried to build a startup with my buddy zyy. We failed! but along the journey we learn so much more. Now, after spending … Continue reading I quit my job to startup again.

Siloso Beach Resort Bursary

Last Nov 2009, I was very fortunate to received the Siloso Beach Resort Bursary from Mr. Ng Swee Hua. But he was not free during the award ceremony so I did not have a chance to thank him personally. Last Friday, I finally had the opportunity to meet Mr. Ng. I would like to thank … Continue reading Siloso Beach Resort Bursary

NUS study loan and DBS tuition fee loan (TFL)

After three and a half years of studies, I have finally graduated. I have always been thinking that I will be earning lots of money after graduation, well before that happens I have lots of debt to cover. Today, i received the bank's repayment letter asking when am I going to start off the debts … Continue reading NUS study loan and DBS tuition fee loan (TFL)