Chat with Ng Weileen from 9flats Asia

With reference to my previous post. I like to thank Weileen for giving me the opportunity to interview him. A short bio on Weileen - He is my senior from the NUS NOC Shanghai program and have deep experiences in running startups. He co-founded 2 companies - and Indie Tee Room. Both startup deals in the retail industry. After which he moved on … Continue reading Chat with Ng Weileen from 9flats Asia

My Start-Up Journey in Soleil Water

My Start-Up Journey This is what our startup is about: Solar 3 in 1 Hybrid Solution So how did we get started? We believe that Clean tech is still very much in an infant stage in Singapore but will be an industry for the future. also there are freat opportunities looming in this industry as Singapore … Continue reading My Start-Up Journey in Soleil Water

Ironman China 2008 – Preparation

after coming to hainan island and experiencing the preview before the race, i realize  I am under prepare and ironman this type of sports really cost a bomb. haha, first time joining ironman I feel like a noob, firstly i did not have a wetsuit , because I thought like singapore we could easily swim … Continue reading Ironman China 2008 – Preparation

Busy week in shanghai

it has been a busy week for me in shanghai, work , training, networking session, fudan university.... I need to get my time management right . so this is what I have plan for myself.Mon - Morning Gym (5km run)Tue Morning Gym (weights)Wed - Study TimeThur - Evening SwimFriday - Evening SwimSat & Sun - Morning cycle & evening Run :)Haha hopefully I can really do all of it and complete … Continue reading Busy week in shanghai

Week 5 in shanghai …

Week 5 in shanghai, quite worry that I will soon behave madly , dasing for buses and trains...There are simply too many people in shanghaiand of course , an very expensive city, I feel that it is the most expensive in china, even nanjing the sttrating price for the can is RMB9 as compare to … Continue reading Week 5 in shanghai …

finally I can blog

happy Chinese New year to all ...大家发财!!!I been wanting to blog about shanghai since the day i arrive but after much hassle and looking for apts and starting our internship so not much time . also blogspot is also blog.We just celebrated Chinese New Year, this my 1st CNY overseas.. a different experience ..miss home … Continue reading finally I can blog

Shanghai – Day 01

5.00 - work up and wash up after having my FAV cereals 6.00 - I set off to the airport...6.20 - Check in and get ready to fly off.8.10 - off we go to thailand (BBK) for transit.. 10.50 - arrival at BBK, wasted almost 4 hours at BBK , slacking at the cafe...bonding with … Continue reading Shanghai – Day 01

Break Time – just before NOC Shanghai

It been 4 days after my last paper, haha really calls for a celebration... no more stress.. now working in part time in a local bank .. just some thoughts, just sold away my shoei helmet and free weights for $320... i really feel the pain , the pain of needing money the pain of … Continue reading Break Time – just before NOC Shanghai