Very challenging 

My Mom is on tube feeding and she has fluid restriction. It is very hard for me to see her in such a state.  You see, when I visit her, she will keep telling me to bring food to her but each time I will comfort her that tml I will bring. I'm lying knowing … Continue reading Very challenging 

How will you be competing, with yourself?

As we come to understand why each is pursuing his own dream, we’ll discover the greatest secret that has been hidden right before our eyes all along: far more fascinating than the magic are the magicians themselves. via MAGICIANS: Life In the Impossible - The Magic Documentary Caught this yesterday, it's a two star documentary … Continue reading How will you be competing, with yourself?

The more work you can do in a day, the more useful you are.

In an era of insecure employment, we must constantly demonstrate our usefulness through frenetic doing, and time management can give you a valuable edge. Indeed, if you are among the growing ranks of the self-employed, as a freelancer or a worker in the so-called gig economy, increased personal efficiency may be essential to your survival. … Continue reading The more work you can do in a day, the more useful you are.

You are the average of the five people you are most around, but what if?

When people say, “you’re the average of the five people you are most around” chances are the cliche is not referring to the “five people in the closest cubicles.” via Jobs: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly – The Mission – Medium After I read the above article, a dilemma gets into my mind. … Continue reading You are the average of the five people you are most around, but what if?

Your life is like a bus journey

You might find it hard to understand the following quote but let me explain and you will understand why you need to stay on the fucking bus. It’s simple. Stay on the bus. Stay on the f*cking bus. Via Link I'm going to use a more local context as an example. Also I'm adding some … Continue reading Your life is like a bus journey

Romanian diplomat Hit and Run , Singapore

Well finally after so much of investigation, the truth is out and Our "Mr. Act Blur & Finding Excuse" Romanian diplomat no have other reasons to protect himself. He is Guilty!!! But what is the punishment that he will be getting is the one I would love to know, Hit and Run is a serious … Continue reading Romanian diplomat Hit and Run , Singapore

what the Used?

Today, my uncle passed away. And I actually saw him die...To me, life and death is a cycle but this time round I am not sure if it is my fault.Early in the morning, my mom came running shouting for help, i got up with fright, then i ran up to see my uncle lying … Continue reading what the Used?

Marketing Exams

today marketing, questions did not come out as expected. Was longing for IMC but the main bulk came out on pricing.However, I feel that I manage my time well today. I did my best. 1 mistake I learn today. DO not rush, cause i may have answers the question for my section in a wrong … Continue reading Marketing Exams

New Point in life ???

This time round I think I have lose to the market. Thinking back when I was winning few months ago , I was still telling myself that never expect I was able to make money out in the market. I also never expect that I was dropping in too deep. It was like gambling. everyday … Continue reading New Point in life ???


Today, My bike went down on me. I could not start the bike and I had to push my bike all the way to the bike shop. As i was pushing the bike along the way I was think no ever again I will push the bike again , I was upset.I MUST be successful, … Continue reading Lost