Here we go again!

Just this Monday, it marks the start of my training for IMWA2011. Despite the fact that I am still thinking hard if I should go for the event. The training started 7pm at Katong Swimming complex. It is hard to imagine that I am going through the whole Ironman training process again. To wake up early … Continue reading Here we go again!

Should I or Should I Not?

This morning, I just signed up for an Ironman Triathlon Race in Western Australia. Well I did it again. This time round I did it on impulse (I think).  Why do I say this? Well firstly, My good buddy signed up already so I was thinking since he is going why not join in since I am also … Continue reading Should I or Should I Not?

Ironman Hawaii 2010 – Macca vs. Raelert “This is what I called sportmanship”

I just had to shared this video. This is what I called sportsmanship. Check out 3.01. "The handshake" totally inspires me. and the music is great. Thanks to TimRabe

My first North Face 100km Duo Race

  One word for the race: TOUGH!!! Last Saturday 09 Oct 2010, I completed my first north face 100km duo race. I would like to share my experience about this trail run in Singapore. My partner for the race was Nick, but because he was sick thus another friend Zhi Zhong took over his place. *(Zhi … Continue reading My first North Face 100km Duo Race

Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 post thoughts and photos

Finally its Saturday, I have some time to share my experience at PD 2010. As mentioned in my previous post my goal was to do less  than 3hrs and I did it! 🙂 Swim 0:33:20 Bike 1:09:12 Run 1:02:07 Total 02:46:24 This is my first time doing an OD and I must it sure is … Continue reading Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 post thoughts and photos

My road bike at its CLEANEST

Before going for the PD Tri 2010, I decided to bring my road for a full servicing.:) And if my memory serves me right, this should be my road bikes CLEANEST moment...::P No More Grease!!! JAVA

My Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 Pre race thoughts

This coming weekend, I will be heading down to Port Dickson for a triathlon race. I'm actually quite excited about the race despite that fact that I competed a ironman race. This is in fact my first OLYMPIC DISTANCE TRIATHLON - unlike an ironman race that focuses more on endurance,  an Olympic distance in my perspective focuses more on speed. … Continue reading My Port Dickson Triathlon 2010 Pre race thoughts