Route to IMWA 2011 – Swim Training 10 Jan 2011

I must be crazy to swim at GE pool today with heavy downpour, but that did not stop my group of team mates from team bundung to stop training and that certainly motivates me. Training:  Swim (pool) Distance: Laps 300M warm up 300M – kicks 200M * 5 – each 4.40mins > I hope to … Continue reading Route to IMWA 2011 – Swim Training 10 Jan 2011

New Year Resolutions 2011

Starting 2011, I am going to make a New Year Resolutions list every year and It would be reflected in the New Year Resolutions category. With this I am able to reflect what I wanted to achieved the particular year. Reflection would be done on 31 Dec 2011 🙂 Those that I was not able … Continue reading New Year Resolutions 2011

Should I or Should I Not?

This morning, I just signed up for an Ironman Triathlon Race in Western Australia. Well I did it again. This time round I did it on impulse (I think).  Why do I say this? Well firstly, My good buddy signed up already so I was thinking since he is going why not join in since I am also … Continue reading Should I or Should I Not?