Emotions get to me again…

Emotions get to me again... The same thing that happen before happen again yesterday. And I really have to note this down to truly remind myself that this is the 2nd time I have made this mistake. On Thursday, As the time draws near to 4pm. I received an sms from my friend, He wrote, … Continue reading Emotions get to me again…

Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds – My book review

Understanding ETFs

This is a simple book pack with facts and figures sufficient for a new investor who is moving towards ETF and it is well written and organized well. In addition, it offers the reader lots of current information on almost all of the ETFs currently offered but if you are looking for something more in-depth … Continue reading Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds – My book review

How a Second Grader beats Wall Street – My book review

How a Second Grader beats Wall Street

Recently I started going to the National Library biweekly, since I started going there I was think maybe i could pick some books of my interest and start some book reviews on my blog. A good thing about book review is that it helps the writer itself to remember to content and to share the … Continue reading How a Second Grader beats Wall Street – My book review

Sector Rotation insights from Singapore Straits Time Index

I learn most of my investing ideas on investopedia.com, and from investopedia it was stated in the article Sector Rotation: The Essentials by Chris Stone (Link) that Sector rotation is an investment strategy involving the movement of money from one industry sector to another in an attempt to beat the market. Now with job data … Continue reading Sector Rotation insights from Singapore Straits Time Index

Mercator Lines – SG Stocks

 WeeklyEMA - heading downvolume is lowMACD heading down and signs of Bear gaining strengthStochastic heading towards oversold but strength is low and picking up thus showing same sign of Bear gaining strengthDailyBullish trendlineEMA heading downMACD - Bear gaining strengthStoch - show oversold signalDecision - No action.But if it drops below 0.28, I will buy at … Continue reading Mercator Lines – SG Stocks

Straits Times 18~22 Jan & possible outlook

Can you endure 3months of losses?Weekly - sign of recovery (but turns out the rebound came only in March)Daily - show a different sight - road to recoveryNow - 2 days of DJia of > than 1% of lossesWhat will STI become?Things to note - Earning Seasons for US firmsWhat does Weekly Chart tells me … Continue reading Straits Times 18~22 Jan & possible outlook

$eurjpy 19 Jan 2010

Weekly ChartCurrent price at $129.74EMA heading down MACD histogram showing poor seller strength > possible reboundstochastic going down > sell signalDaily ChartEMA moving downSeller gaining strength > sell signal Stochastic oversold > possible rebound Decision Sell at 129.787SL at 130.037Resultstop out at 130.037Why? Should have set sell limit and not into market orderinstead of selling at … Continue reading $eurjpy 19 Jan 2010

SEURJPY – 18 Jan 2010

 Weekly Chart:$eurjpy in range trading > expecting breakout soon as volume getting thinnerMACD turning down Stochastic at 41 26 EMA - straight line  Daily ChartMACD sloping down13 EMA going downStochastic reach 17, possible oversold as previous was at 16~24 rangeFIb resistance at 131.64No Action taken

The importance of trading log

It has been a while since I posted any trading log or even financial reviews.Recently, I have been reading materials from Dr. Alexander Elder. One of the books that gave me a deep impression was Entries & exits: visits to sixteen trading rooms. You cannot imagine how much insights I have gotten from this book. … Continue reading The importance of trading log

The DuBai Debt Crisis: What does it mean to you?

Global financial markets haven been caught off guard by Dubai World's debt restructuring announcement. It was certainly a blessing for Singapore stocks as we were celebrating Hari Raya. On a hind sight, it also drove the equity markets around the world down by at least 1~2%.US stocks dive on Dubai financial problems Banks in firing line … Continue reading The DuBai Debt Crisis: What does it mean to you?