Intraix Onwards To The Promised Land?

This start of 2013 has really been amazing for Intraix. We have our Home Energy Monitoring app launch with South West CDC on 27 Feb 2013. And this week, we signed a partnership deal with Smart Integration from Japan. This is definitely an exciting time for us. But I stop and start to look at the famous Paul Graham's startup curve, where … Continue reading Intraix Onwards To The Promised Land?

An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

Here’s a shout out to all startups out there,Happy Lunar New Year to all!! HUAT HUAT HUAT AH!!!  And to all entrepreneurs,新的一年,生意兴隆,财源滚滚! **non-chinese readers, it means I wish all of you prosperous in your ventures and make lots of money! I actually wanted to skip writing this week because of the Chinese Lunar New Year … Continue reading An app is not just an app, it’s much more.

Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?

I had this discussion about "Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?" with several entrepreneurs and most of us agreed we should be spending time building the product rather than doing consulting work. When I meet up with investors, we talk about this topic too and You Can Only Do One Thing At A Time are the the words … Continue reading Should Startups Take On Consulting Work?

Preparing a pitch for Techventure 2012

Recently, Intraix got shortlisted for Techventure 2012 for a pitch. The event known as “Pitching To The Stars” is a 3mins elevator pitch to renowned investors like Eduardo Saverin, George Kellerman (500 StartUps) and several others. I pitched for the event and like to share my thoughts on the pitch and how I prepared for … Continue reading Preparing a pitch for Techventure 2012

The Angel’s Gate Experience Now that our Angel's Gate episode is out, do you have any feedback for us? Earlier I shared about the preparation for Angel's Gate.  Today I like share my experience with you. below is a 140 characters on what Intraix is about 😀!/TheAngelsGate/status/174102901361348608 Begin on a TV show is no easy task, I was very nervous during the … Continue reading The Angel’s Gate Experience

My first pitch to VCs

Last week, I just did my first "FULL" pitch on Intraix to a group of investors. For people who knows me, you must be wondering "hmm, Bryan doing his first pitch?" Unlike the usual presentations I done, at Intraix we pitch our concept to investors, mentors or even industry experts in a team. Both Darrell and I will take … Continue reading My first pitch to VCs

Angel’s Gate Preparation

As you all know I'm currently running a startup - Intraix with my buddy Darrell. The good news is Intraix has been selected to be one of the startup to pitch at Angel's Gate Season One. But the bad news is I did not have any post up on "running startups" because we were busy preparing … Continue reading Angel’s Gate Preparation

I quit my job to startup again.

14 Sep 2011 was the last day I received my final pay check from the company. I said goodbye to the stable income and hello to #startuplife" again. 2 years ago I tried to build a startup with my buddy zyy. We failed! but along the journey we learn so much more. Now, after spending … Continue reading I quit my job to startup again.