First Post of the Year 2011

Before the first day of 2011 comes to an end. I like to put in my first entry of the year. After much thoughts, I have decided to go for the IMWA 2011. Of course unlike in the past where I had much more time to train, I have less time now due to other … Continue reading First Post of the Year 2011

Ironman Hawaii 2010 – Macca vs. Raelert “This is what I called sportmanship”

I just had to shared this video. This is what I called sportsmanship. Check out 3.01. "The handshake" totally inspires me. and the music is great. Thanks to TimRabe

My first North Face 100km Duo Race

  One word for the race: TOUGH!!! Last Saturday 09 Oct 2010, I completed my first north face 100km duo race. I would like to share my experience about this trail run in Singapore. My partner for the race was Nick, but because he was sick thus another friend Zhi Zhong took over his place. *(Zhi … Continue reading My first North Face 100km Duo Race