Stress and Constipation

Do you have bowels movement every day? Some doctors tell us that it is good and we should have bowels movement every day. Unfortunately, this does not happened to me. My bowel movement is usually between two to three days, this get worst when I need to travel. It goes up to five days. I not … Continue reading Stress and Constipation

Bad Appeitte 

At times, when the heat is so strong and I do not feel like eating any rice or solid meals, porridge is what I go for. Here are 3 porridge recipes that we think you will love in this “heaty” city. via 3 healthy and easy to prepare herbal porridge recipes for the summer – … Continue reading Bad Appeitte 

One Strong Cook

Whether it’s work or life, citizens of the modern age are stressed out around the clock. The elderly aren’t the only ones sprouting white hair anymore—plenty of young people are going white as well. A lot of people choose to dye their hair so they can cover up the old, tired look that comes with … Continue reading One Strong Cook

Coffee detox failed 💪

My target was to go on a coffee detox for a week but I gave up on day 6. Here's my sharing 🙂 Till next round, I will defeat you. 

Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

Just last week, I had an awesome run with my friends over at Safra AHM. I am slightly disappointed with my timing because I was aiming for a 1:45:00. But this also pushes me to work harder for the next race. Thank you Weileen, Coach Sham and Weesan for your pacing, otherwise I would be … Continue reading Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

I was shocked when I received my Dental Bill!

Dental Bill, originally uploaded by Gniskcut. How much would you pay for your dental bill? Just 3 hours ago, I paid 435.45 for my dental check up! I am not sure about you but for me it was a great shock. Than again who do I have to blame, only myself because I did not … Continue reading I was shocked when I received my Dental Bill!

Suffering from backaches – sitting too long may be the cause!

Due to my desk bound work, I too have to sit for around 6 hours a day. After working for a year I start to feel aching at the lower back area. I was thinking maybe...maybe age is catching up on me. Seems like there may be another caused to it. and I thought sitting … Continue reading Suffering from backaches – sitting too long may be the cause!

Training Log: Tempo run

Each round - 850m Ran 10 round - each round averaging about 4.30mins I was feeling great starting from round 1 to 5, but from round 6 onwards steps start to get a bit smaller but breathing was still good, I also feel that my running posture is getting better. Since like running slower and … Continue reading Training Log: Tempo run