Stress and Constipation

Do you have bowels movement every day? Some doctors tell us that it is good and we should have bowels movement every day. Unfortunately, this does not happened to me. My bowel movement is usually between two to three days, this get worst when I need to travel. It goes up to five days. I not … Continue reading Stress and Constipation

Bad Appeitte 

At times, when the heat is so strong and I do not feel like eating any rice or solid meals, porridge is what I go for. Here are 3 porridge recipes that we think you will love in this “heaty” city. via 3 healthy and easy to prepare herbal porridge recipes for the summer – … Continue reading Bad Appeitte 

One Strong Cook

Whether it’s work or life, citizens of the modern age are stressed out around the clock. The elderly aren’t the only ones sprouting white hair anymore—plenty of young people are going white as well. A lot of people choose to dye their hair so they can cover up the old, tired look that comes with … Continue reading One Strong Cook

Chinese herbs and Superfoods 

You know that that feeling when you feel that you are not as young anymore. That feeling that feeling that you need to sleep early and incredibly hard to stay up late. That feeling, is a sign of “aging” or it’s the body slowing down. I’m not sure when it started but when I watch … Continue reading Chinese herbs and Superfoods 

I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall

05 June 2011. Today I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall. And I would like to share my experience just so if future Singapore CFA candidates can be more prepared for the exam. Here is a checklist on what to bring. Notes - just need to bring your own notes or the … Continue reading I had my first CFA Level 1 Exam at the Singapore Expo Hall

My Chinese Reunion Dinner 团圆饭 2011

Just came back from the reunion dinner and suddenly had the urge to share my experience with everyone. This is the 2nd year that my mom and I are celebrating our Chinese Reunion Dinner with the relatives from my mom's side. Dinner started at 7pm and it pretty much a taste of the past :). I had the opportunity … Continue reading My Chinese Reunion Dinner 团圆饭 2011

Desaru cycling trip 01

18/12/06 - left home at 8am reach Pasir Ris interchange around 9.15am , Meeting the ODAC group at 9.30am. Therefore took a cab down to changi Village ferry terminal but ... We students behaving like true 'Singaporeans' , There are still people who are late. *Damn wasted my cab fare. Signed up for the cycling … Continue reading Desaru cycling trip 01