2019: The usual goal setting for the year

The usual goal setting for the year It's the time of year again. Time for the usual goal setting and knowing that in a few months, that goal will be fail or the resolution will break. I believe by now most of us know that, it's hard to keep to new year resolution. But we … Continue reading 2019: The usual goal setting for the year

Making The Jump

Today, I like to share something interesting, something different, something that's been troubling me for years. Have you been trying to learn a certain skill set and for many years you still failed to master it? For many years, I have this goal, this dream that I would get an IPPT Gold. What is IPPT, you can read here but … Continue reading Making The Jump

Training Log: Tempo run

Each round - 850m Ran 10 round - each round averaging about 4.30mins I was feeling great starting from round 1 to 5, but from round 6 onwards steps start to get a bit smaller but breathing was still good, I also feel that my running posture is getting better. Since like running slower and … Continue reading Training Log: Tempo run