No more FB Groups App

The main reason they are removing it is because no ads run on groups and they need us to be on the main feed. “I really want to be able to just have this app to keep up with friends and not have to actually go on Facebook. But the app is currently pretty terrible … Continue reading No more FB Groups App

No real deal

In the early phase of the primaries, Parscale launched Trump’s digital operation by buying $2 million in Facebook ads—his entire budget at the time. He then uploaded all known Trump supporters into the Facebook advertising platform and, using a Facebook tool called Custom Audiences from Customer Lists, matched actual supporters with their virtual doppelgangers and … Continue reading No real deal

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

ThinkUp: Social Media Insights Platform

if you are a blogger, if you are someone who like taking control of your posting on social media, if you like getting attention on the web. Thinkup is for you. It allows you get your social media data with YOU and give your the analytics on what's hot and what's not. Best of all, it's free. I just discovered it today 😀

I used pinterest and more often than facebook

Just before I went for my Ironman Triathlon, I came across two social networks that built around interests. First was than came pinterest. If you are thinking that I am writing about vs pinterest :D, I am not. In fact, there are already many blogs and sites that reviews both sites. Plus I … Continue reading I used pinterest and more often than facebook

Google or Facebook: They are both evil?

Recent news about Facebook taking over the whole internet is running all over the internet space after the F8 conference. The situation reminds me of the time when the internet space talks about Google begin evil and all. SO are they both evil? Here are some links from about facebook's development on its "Like" … Continue reading Google or Facebook: They are both evil?