Miss a flight in Beijing?

This happened two weeks ago. At about 1020hrs, I arrived in Beijing International Airport getting ready to leave for ChengDu - Flight NO. CA4102 1100hrs. Immediately I joined in the counter queue for check in. My turn arrived at 1030hrs but I was rejected by the counter officer because their check in system closed 30mins … Continue reading Miss a flight in Beijing?

Watching Kungfu Panda 2 3D

3d movies tixs here in Singapore are going for $11 each. That's pretty expensive for a weekday slot. But it's the new thing in town and I got to try it. So what how was my experience 1st time catching a 3d movie? If you have a spectacle on, do not go for 3d movies. … Continue reading Watching Kungfu Panda 2 3D

My Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS 2010) experience

Another challenging day for me again 🙂 but its feels great. The ability to push my limits and to know where is my boundary. This year the Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS 2010) have a completed different starting route as compared to the past. For the 42km, which I took part in, it started in orchard road … Continue reading My Marathon Singapore 2010 (SCMS 2010) experience

Terra Plana EVO breaking down after many rounds of trail.

I have signed up for the coming NorthFace 100Duo on 08 Oct 2010. So recently I been training on trail road at macritchie reservoir. I was actually hoping to take part in TNF with EVO, but it seems that EVO may not really be a durable shoe for trail running. I think I had about … Continue reading Terra Plana EVO breaking down after many rounds of trail.