ep03:To do lists and what not

From Google docs to Clear, every time Lifehacker puts out an article about the latest GTD craze I am all up in it. But you quickly realise if the tool suits your style of working and decide whether to keep it in your toolbelt after a week or 2. via Launchbyte. fellow co-host Chris shares … Continue reading ep03:To do lists and what not

Creating my 100Km training log with Evenote and Drafts App

This week I have a group friends down over at Tokyo doing a very intense race. A race that I am too looking forward to challenge myself to. It is the Ultra-Trail MountFuji. The distance covers 161km and the cumulative altitude gain is about 9000m - it is also one of the toughest Ultra-Trail in … Continue reading Creating my 100Km training log with Evenote and Drafts App

It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

Initially I wanted to write a blog post titled my unexpected journey 2012 before doomsday. So I took some hours off yesterday thinking how should I start and this morning I started to craft the post, hopping I have it out in the evening . But something happen today, my Mac went dead. It went … Continue reading It’s doomsday and I’m blogging.

My Evernote fellowship

Just caught the movie "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" with a group of Evernote fanatics. The movie was great but chatting with Evernote fanatics about possible use cases are even more awesome! btw we are having an Evernote Meetup this coming 20 Dec 2012, 7pm - More details here.

The 1st Evernote Singapore User Group Meetup

Just came back from the 1st Evernote Singapore User Group meetup and I like to do a shout out to the organizers Tiang and Yining. “A event well executed, great sharing and great food too!!!” Tiang actually invited me to share how I use Evernote for my startup, but in the end I think I learn much … Continue reading The 1st Evernote Singapore User Group Meetup

Do you like taking pictures of your food?

I like taking pictures of my food and share it online with my friends. I know there is a particular niche app for this on iphone – foodspotting but I didn’t bother to try it. Well because most of my friends are using instagram and besides pictures taken with instagram looks great too. But most importantly … Continue reading Do you like taking pictures of your food?

wordpress.com still blocked in China!

Just came back from a 2 weeks' trip to China, the startup culture is certainly growing fast in China especially Beijing. I was not able to blog my experience over there because wordpress.com was still blocked. It was blocked in 2008 when I was there for NOC and it still is. "Self-hosted wordpress blog did not … Continue reading wordpress.com still blocked in China!