Are you, an entrepreneur in Singapore?

Our very own song by local entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs in Singapore! An exciting project produced by Express In Music together with the support from many fellow entrepreneurs. Not to forget my very own co-founder Darrell Zhang! Thumbs up!!! Proud of you guys!

Who is at fault? The Entrepreneur or The Investor?

Darrell posted a question on facebook yesterday asking if an entrepreneur pitches the business idea and the investor doesn't understand, who is at fault? #theangelsgate What is your take? Personally I think it is the entrepreneur's fault. If the entrepreneur is clear about his business and revenue model. He should be able to communicate clearly … Continue reading Who is at fault? The Entrepreneur or The Investor?

The Angel’s Gate Experience Now that our Angel's Gate episode is out, do you have any feedback for us? Earlier I shared about the preparation for Angel's Gate.  Today I like share my experience with you. below is a 140 characters on what Intraix is about 😀!/TheAngelsGate/status/174102901361348608 Begin on a TV show is no easy task, I was very nervous during the … Continue reading The Angel’s Gate Experience

Life is full of surprises!

I am so happy that I have to share this happiness with everyone now. We just won the 2nd Canon Young Entrepreneur Award. #2nd place but it is a vote of confidence for us. *this is Darrell, my buddy and cofounder for Intraix.

So You Really Want To Be An Entrepreneur?

"Being an entrepreneur ain’t easy. You work till the wee hours, catching the last buses or even spending the night sleeping at your table. You can’t differentiate weekends and weekdays anymore. You constantly think about how to keep the business afloat – especially at an early stage. It takes tremendous amount of motivation and energy to keep things going" - Darrell Intraix's Co-founder Darrell talks about his startup experience, read his article here.

A word that most people are afraid to face.

A word that most people are afraid to face.

Failure is not an option — it’s a requirement to get to success. Really? Do you think failure is a requirement to get to success? I like to share this text with you from the book "Rework" - Don't be fooled by stats. Other people's failure are just that: Other people's failures...... What do you really learn from mistakes? You might learn what not to do again, but how valuable is that?......Learning from success...When something is succeeds, you know what worked and you can do it again" What are you thoughts? Do we really learn from failure? is it now just cool to say I failed 2..or even 4 startups? Let's take this into comments 😀

I am going to do this in 2012

After looking back at 2011, I will be setting out my 2012 New Year Resolutions in this post. I read this article “3 Year Personal Development Plan” from David Cummings and decided to take some references from him in categorizing my New Year Resolutions. First - Personal goals Read ONE book per month - Blog down … Continue reading I am going to do this in 2012