Reducing the email deluge

I also explained to them that all work would be moving into a collaborative space. I set up accounts with Huddle,TeamworkPM, Basecamp and Asana. I would’ve preferred to only set up one tool but each of these platforms offers something unique that my respective clients needed. via How I Gave up Email and Reclaimed 3 Hours a Day - … Continue reading Reducing the email deluge

Work Experience Or Going After A Degree?

Our Education Minister Heng Swee Keat shared his view on chasing paper qualifications on a recent news article on Today. A good academic qualification alone “does not guarantee a good career”, especially in the current volatile and fast-changing economy where mismatch of skills and expectations for job-seekers could occur, Mr Heng told some 300 graduates … Continue reading Work Experience Or Going After A Degree?

a little interaction to solve the motivation problem of online learning

Unlocking the power of new technologies for self-guided education is one of the 21st century superhighways that need to be paved. Profound changes to how children access vast information is yielding new forms of peer-to-peer and individual-guided learning. via Sugata Mitra: We Need Schools... Not Factories. Self-Organized Learning Environment aka "SOLE" - SOLE is a term … Continue reading a little interaction to solve the motivation problem of online learning

It is time to quit and kill that side project

I love doing side project. It is fun, it gives me time off to pick up a new skill and something I called my own. Of course, the best would be that the side project takes off and you become special. Do you use the mobile application SG NextBus? - It estimates the arrival times … Continue reading It is time to quit and kill that side project

Am I Good Enough For Medium?

Last Wednesday, I woke up to a surprise email from Medium; this Medium I’m now writing on. It was an invitation to join the platform, to be part of the community. Trepidation soon filled the shoes of my initial excitement. Was I good enough to write on Medium? Am I Good Enough For Medium? — … Continue reading Am I Good Enough For Medium?

My first 1000m Trail Run

tl:dr I just completed my first 1000m trail run. In case you wonder what is 1000m to an Ironman finisher. This 1000m *is not the distance but the altitude, together with strong wind and the fluctuating cold weather, this is also the toughest trail run that I did after The North Face 50KMin 2010. This … Continue reading My first 1000m Trail Run

Building Your Own RSS Reader?

Since the announcement of Google Reader closure, I been looking around and testing out for alternatives. I have narrowed down to two different services, which I kinda unable to make a choice. Feedly has a great UI for both it's browser plugin and mobiles apps. It allows me to steam through the content easily and the … Continue reading Building Your Own RSS Reader?