An Email About Emails

An Email About Emails

by Bryan Lee

If you drop onto this page googling for Lee Tuck Sing, Ahlee, Bosslee or Bryan Lee.
You have come to the right page.

Who are you again?

Hi, I’m Lee Tuck Sing.
Depending on when you know me, I go by a different nickname.
Ahlee, Bosslee or Bybosslee and Bryan addresses the same person, that’s me.

Why start writing a letter and not on a blog?

I’m obsessed with letters because I love the personal touch (or you could say that I’m old school). I have lots of thoughts that I love to pen down and share it personally with close friends and sometimes privately.

What are you going to write about?

  • Share thoughts on the articles/emails I read, could be Tech, Email Marketing or Yoga related.
  • Deals I find online
  • Things I love and things I fear

When are you starting?

21 Feb 2016

Where else can we find you?

@leetucksing on Twitter
@bybosslee on instagram

How frequent is this going to be?

This is going to be a weekly email.

Why should I sign up?

You want to know me better? and I love to make a new friend.
Or if you just want to find out what I’m doing now.

You can read the past issues here.