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Notes to My Younger Self

by Bossy Lee

Decided to write to my younger self before I turn 40. Logging down the things I should do more and less.

  1. Take more risk
    1. But do not get yourself killed
    2. And be prudent with money
  2. Travel more✈️, because 2020 is going to be crazy 😷
  3. Invest early, saved just enough in banks
  4. Money is important but it's not everything
  5. You do not need branded stuff but quality stuff that lasted
  6. Keep things simple
  7. Set goals 🥅
    1. Set a time frame for the goals you set, all talk and no action is BS
  8. Trust but verified
  9. Do not avoid tough conversations 💪
  10. Ask for help when necessary, you have good friends
  11. Go vegetarian
  12. Eat 2 meals a day
  13. Drink less ☕️
  14. Drink less 🍺
  15. Take good care of your body
  16. Sleep early
  17. Apply sunblock when doing sports
  18. Take good care of your 👀
  19. You love kids, so have them early. 成家立业, not 立业成家
  20. Learn that doing a little each day is BETTER than doing everything in a short burst
  21. Work in a growth company first before starting your business. There are so much to learn and it will help reduce your mistakes.