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Crypto with Bosslee

by Bossy Lee

I got lucky in the current cryptocurrency boom.

  1. I got in dogecoins at $0.05 and managed to made some profit.

  2. My Tiktok channel went from 15 to 5000 followers in a month.
    It is good and also bad AMD this is the story I want to share.

The good
I set a goal at the start of the year to grow 10K subscribers for my YouTube channel by end 2021. Until May, this was goal was nowhere in sight. I had only about 400 subscribers. The growth was stagnant but I told myself to keep grinding. This was what most YouTube say, keep doing and some day the numbers will come.

I wasn't sure what was I doing wrong. Is it my content, my niche or something else. I was playing with YouTube shorts too but There was no tractions.

I post the same content on Tiktok and I got 15 followers, mostly my friends. Until 15 May 2021, I decided WTF, let me post about my Dogecoin profit and how to get started in buying crypto in Singapore. I woke up to a 1000 followers and 130K in views. The same video on YouTube barely hit 500 views.

So it seems like the market is telling me where to go and so I started creating Crypto How To content on Tiktok and the channel starts growing.

The bad
Which brings me to a problem.
It is 23 Jun 2021, 4:29am, I am sitting here writing this post and reflecting.

Since I started making crypto videos. I read and breathe crypto news and I start to feel that I am being consumed by it. It is not because I am losing money. I feel that it is hard to explain but I have to jot it down.

I have made stupid investment decisions in the past. So I learn the Warren Buffet approach. Buy stocks that I know what the companies are doing. So I own only a few company stocks and some ETFs.Since I am in for the long term, there was no need to follow the news daily, more of a buy and hold strategy.

In Crypto, there are a lot of FUD. And catching up on the news makes it worst for me. At times making me fearful and FOMO. I believe this is because I have a small amount of portfolio with Crypto. Often this distracted me from my content research. For example: I will be reading up about Polygon Matic and planning a explainer video on it but I will up on different farms exploring the APRs. Also I start to crave for more news and it affected my capacity to do other stuff. The worst is affecting my sleep.

I have no solution to this but to be disciplined on my research. But I hope that writing this down can help off load this thought and I can go back to sleep.