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by Bossy Lee

Why start a YouTube Channel?

I set up my YouTube account in 03 Apr 2006. I had lots of ideas on what I want to do with it but never took any actions.

I realised that I wanted the outcome of being successful but not the process of going though the hard work on creating content. I was also very concerned on how to people look at me.

“this guy trying to be an influencer, what does he know”, “video quality is bad”

However with my recent working experience, it has shape me well. Making me a little more "thick skin". And with me turning 38 years old. I have finally learn that time waits for no man.

I have this quote that I like to share with anyone reading and myself when I read back.

Because when we give too many fucks, when we choose to give a fuck about everything, then we feel as though we are perpetually entitled to feel comfortable and happy at all times, that’s when life fucks us. via The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

This is my first video made on 31 Mar 2020.

Sharing my learnings

1. There is no need to ask your friends or family to subscribe your channel.

They will add to your subscribers number but they might not watch it because the topic you are addressing might not interest them. They are subscribing because they are showing their support. Thanks 🙏🏻 buddies. I see this very clearly in your YouTube analytics, the subscribers are not contributing to the watch time nor views.

2. Buying fake subscribers does not hurt the channel but you

When I was around 150 subscribers, I went on a "how can I grow my YouTube channel faster" madness. So I did some researched and decided to buy some fake subscribers. I got 100 of them. Which brought me sadness and not happiness. While it looks good to others , these subscribers just adds to your vanity metrics and brings you fake sense of growth.

3. Doubting yourself?

There will be a period of time, where you will start asking

Many times I had above thoughts, I took a step back and learn that these questions come because the channel is not growing "as fast as you hope it will be". You see YouTubers how they grew to 50K, 100K while I'm here will less than 1K subscribers.

This whole thing becomes a vicious cycle. You get demotivated. You stop doing videos. The channel growth stalled further. You doubted yourself even more and finally you give up.

I have no answer to this because I'm going through the same but I learn to take
these challenges as experiments. If something is not working, than I change.
The good thing is that I'm still on the platform.

4. YouTube #Shorts videos

YouTube is trying to catch up with Tiktok so this is a great opportunity to create short videos on YouTube.

So I also start creating more short videos and throughout the process I feel fun.
In fact, it is way more challenging than creating long form videos, especially if you need to teach concepts.
Because you need to do everything in a minute

Feels good to write this out.
Thanks for reading.