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2021 in review

by Bossy Lee

  1. I went from making cooking πŸ₯˜ videos to excel how to and now crypto videos. 😱In an unexpected way, my crypto video went viral on May 16 and it sets the direction I do my content. And a big part of the success is because of the audience.
  2. 5 key πŸ”‘ lessons I learn from πŸͺ™Crypto Investing.
    a. Do not chase green πŸ“ˆcandle; ie FOMO
    b. Understand what you are buying; else during πŸ“‰times, you will not have the confidence to hold.
    c. Do not compare; sometimes when I saw on Twitter, other posting how much they made with 1K. I start to get greedy and my decision making goes bad
    d. When I build a conviction, go in with the correct sizing. However sizing cannot be too big that affect your sleep. HE is a good example. It was too big.
    e.Focus and do not spread your capital too thin.
  3. One major challenge about making investing video is I get myself too close to the market so I end up from trying to invest (which has a longer time frame) to trying to trade. So work on this, I need to have two portfolio. 1 for long term hold, another for trades.
  4. Pick up Mountain β›° πŸš΄β€β™‚οΈ. Whatever skills or cycling experience I have on the road can put it all aside. MTB is a complete different game and it's all about technical handling
  5. Book πŸ“–; set a target to read 12 books a year ❌. Managed to read 6. 3 books that I learn a lot from are
    a. Playing to win πŸ₯‡
    b. Crypto Assets 🏠
    c. 48 Laws of Power ⚑️
  6. Left my Job πŸ’Ό - Oct 22; I think πŸ€” I would not dare to do this if I did not have an audience for my content. Audience views are good but these are vanity matrices. 2022 I'm going to make it count.
  7. Spend most of the time at home this year. The plus side is able to witness my girl πŸ‘§ growing. Love the moment, when she read her books while we listen.
  8. 😑 Dad. This year there are two incidents that I remember I was very fierce to my girl πŸ‘§. Once I slapped on her wrist and it left a mark. This hurts my ❀️.
  9. Tried to remove coffee from my diet. Started with 1 coffee a week but it was too challenging so now it's 3 cups a week. As for food πŸ₯˜, started to add a bit of meat back into to the mix. Did not feel good at all so it's back to vegetables πŸ₯¦ πŸ₯• and fish 🐠

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