Nightly Tech News

So what is Nightly? Nightly is a list of stories curated and summarise that is worth reading. To save your time and gain back productivity.

Why do this?

Digital publishing has change. They used to published news that mattered. Now most of them are after pageviews and quality doesn’t matter as much[1]. Different sites could be publishing the same stories with different headlines[2].

We are overloaded by information. Often, what we need is not just news but understanding

My goal with Nightly is bring you essential headlines in technology news together with opinions on how is it affecting our lifestyles.[3].


  • Nightly will have 9 stories daily, sometime less
  • Each story is only a few sentences long with all the gist packed into it. (So you will not miss out the details)
  • Each post is numbered list and published at 10:18PM (Monday to Friday[4]). So you can read the news around the globe in a single page.

Why 9 stories, you wonder?
Because you can’t process so much information simultaneously. If you are interested in all the links and you open them up as tabs in the browser. 9 is the magic number.

If you like my work and you believe in making a difference in the digital publishing space, then consider signing up for a subscription or if you are looking to launch a new product or services, you can choose to do a Nightly Announcement which will help you reach audience who cares and embrace technology like you do.

Support Nightly Tech News

$1 a month, which is less than a cup of coffee these days. And to support a man’s dream to bring back the good old days of publishing.

Furthermore it would be great motivation for me and also to prove my friend Shihan, who is also a journalist, wrong. She alway tells me “not to waste time doing publishing, because media companies with more budget and journalists can do everything faster and better, especially in breaking news.”

Although, PayPal handles the payments, but you do not need a PayPal account to subscribe.

If you like to play a part, you can or on twitter @leetucksing.

Sponsor Nightly Tech News

Yes. And I called it Announcement.
Nightly will be sent out each day and you will have your Announcement be on the top of your list.

  • Each Announcement is $200.
  • Each Announcement last for a 5 business days. Starting from Monday to Friday
  • There will only be One Announcement each day.
  • You can have it for job search, product launches, event launches, whatever you can think of to reach a group of awesome audiences.
  • And oh, all proceeds will go towards my wedding fund.


  1. Read this amazing story about: Confessions of an ex-tech journalist  ↩
  2. Some sites only work on the headlines.  ↩
  3. We lose productivity because we are easily distracted.  ↩
  4. Take some time off the grid and you will come back fresher and stronger.  ↩