37th Birthday

I missed writing about my 37th Birthday. Currently, it is 4:48AM as I am writing this. This year during my 37th Birthday, I was working on a task that I really hate and it made my time at work really bad. The good news is that I have managed to overcome it and it also … Continue reading 37th Birthday

Becoming a phone addict

Phantom vibration syndrome or phantom ringing syndrome is the perception that one's mobile phone is vibrating or ringing when it is not ringing. Never thought that there could be such a thing as Phantom Vibration. For the last few weeks, I been experiencing such. When I have my phone in the pocket, I will have … Continue reading Becoming a phone addict

SIF Mindfulness

It's a lazy Saturday, I was surfing around the web. When my wife starting talking this book titled "Search Inside Yourself" written by an engineer turn HR. So I decided to google about it and out came this video. https://youtu.be/r8fcqrNO7so Very interesting concept of bringing happiness and personal goals together. Also, I do agree that … Continue reading SIF Mindfulness

2019: The usual goal setting for the year

The usual goal setting for the year It's the time of year again. Time for the usual goal setting and knowing that in a few months, that goal will be fail or the resolution will break. I believe by now most of us know that, it's hard to keep to new year resolution. But we … Continue reading 2019: The usual goal setting for the year

Reported #01

Created the first debut of Reported. Stepping into the new year, instead of just taking about life after work. The plan is to have it more entertaining and brings value to listeners. So working on the topic of lifestyle tech news best suits the group of friends around me. What's interesting is the name of … Continue reading Reported #01

How S-hook Lerine went viral

I am reading this book about the confession of a media manipulator, in one of the chapter titled: "Trading up the chain" I feel that it threads very closely to one of the viral sensation S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1wrLbPThCgOgZg173ef5I8?si=RIjdwQKhR0-rxfw3KKbsxA By now, I believe that the whole of SG should have known about S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine. … Continue reading How S-hook Lerine went viral

2017 Rewind

2017 was a hard-to-explain difficult year. Mom left us due to stroke Worked on a side project: Fieldbeta, which is chatbot build for facility management. Managed to secured a client and got paid 6 months of the service. The management love the tool but it was hard for the user on the ground to adapt. … Continue reading 2017 Rewind