2017 Rewind

2017 was a hard-to-explain difficult year. Mom left us due to stroke Worked on a side project: Fieldbeta, which is chatbot build for facility management. Managed to secured a client and got paid 6 months of the service. The management love the tool but it was hard for the user on the ground to adapt. … Continue reading 2017 Rewind

Did not cry, till now

Heard this interesting podcast about emotions. At one part, they talk about death and how the interviewee was handling it. I can relate to this. Mom left us this April. I did not cry. Why? Was I not sad? Did I had no emotion? Or maybe I did not care? Starts now I am sad … Continue reading Did not cry, till now

What if 

Since starting work as a regular employee, everyday I ask myself “what if” What if I had done something different What if I had known the unknown -> which is impossible What if I try again and fail? The statement in bold below describe exactly what situation. After you ask “what if” and find your … Continue reading What if 


I’m starting to mess up again. I’m starting something without a clear goal in mind. Tldr: Long post ahead. Need to set a clear goal, measure and move on. This morning I listened to “Startup for the rest of us” Noah a very good internet business person / marketer was giving advice on how to grow … Continue reading Messy

Making mistakes at work

These developers were human. They made a mistake. And so did the reviewers who audited this code. I’ve read some comments on Reddit and HackerNews along the lines of: “What an obvious mistake! How was it even possible they missed this?” (Ignoring that the “obvious” vulnerability was introduced in January and only now discovered.) When … Continue reading Making mistakes at work

Chinese herbs and Superfoods 

You know that that feeling when you feel that you are not as young anymore. That feeling that feeling that you need to sleep early and incredibly hard to stay up late. That feeling, is a sign of “aging” or it’s the body slowing down. I’m not sure when it started but when I watch … Continue reading Chinese herbs and Superfoods 

Coffee detox failed 💪

My target was to go on a coffee detox for a week but I gave up on day 6. Here's my sharing 🙂 https://youtu.be/uB_eD1ILwes Till next round, I will defeat you. 

Dead town 

I was listening to this podcast about a town in US, California that have more dead 💀 people than the living. In the town of Colma, California, the dead outnumber the living by a thousand to one. Via 99% Invisible: 258- The Modern Necropolis As I think about it, cemetery is a pretty interesting place. … Continue reading Dead town 


Every morning, I wake up early to do a short 30mins yoga. It really helps to start the day and most importantly gives me the "mindset" that I have exercise for the day. I used to exercise quite a bit but due to work. I stopped for a while but I need to get back … Continue reading #yogaeverydamnday

Safari is faster than Chrome

A podcast show at WWDC2017. It’s worth a listen. Gives you a summary of the event and also they talk about Apple’s policy with Privacy and Safari is faster 🙂 For all Apple and non Apple fans 🙂 The Talk Show With John Gruber: 193: ‘Crack Marketing Team’ — Live From WWDC 2017 With Phil … Continue reading Safari is faster than Chrome