Rebuilding Launchbyte Website

Spend my weekend to rebuild the Launchbyte website moving it from self-hosted WordPress to a static site on Netlify. Now, I like to share that I am a fan of WordPress. This blog itself in hosted on The CMS is easy to use and with plugins you can even turn a WordPress site into … Continue reading Rebuilding Launchbyte Website

Build a bot to remind me that Life is short

I build a telegram bot this weekend to remind me that life is short. The bot is call "Snake", you can use it too. Why did I build this? This project started because my friend WW show me a site call FailFlow and it has an app that calculates how many weeks I have left … Continue reading Build a bot to remind me that Life is short

Choose One Goal 2

Since the last update to my Choose One Goal post. It was 06 Feb. Today it is 19 Feb, 13 days pass so what have I done and where am I now. I am still at the stage of designing and changing the copy-writing on the site. Copy-writing is not an easy task. You need … Continue reading Choose One Goal 2

Choose One Goal

I always admired my friends who are able to stay focus and committed on their ideas and passion. There’s a friend who’s is working on a nail polish business for years. While it was slow at first, now things are picking up. There another friend who committed to being a local top runner and she … Continue reading Choose One Goal

My Nightly Show on Spotify

Writing this to share that I have my podcast on Spotify. A Nightly Show, it serves as my audio log to talk about life after work and what are the ways I am trying to get out of the rat race. Love to have your support and most importantly feedback. Questions such as topics to … Continue reading My Nightly Show on Spotify

One Strong Cook

Whether it’s work or life, citizens of the modern age are stressed out around the clock. The elderly aren’t the only ones sprouting white hair anymore—plenty of young people are going white as well. A lot of people choose to dye their hair so they can cover up the old, tired look that comes with … Continue reading One Strong Cook

Blogwith update #02

Blogwith update #02 This my second email out to the users. Hello! Bryan here again! A big thank you to all your awesome feedback for The site is doing very well. I writing to give you an update to the service. To keep things short, I will have it in point forms and break … Continue reading Blogwith update #02

Building Blogwith

There is a trend towards transparency. Many startups now are building their product in the public and many have shared their post on Medium. I too embraced the idea of building a product in the public. I believe it is easier to to get feedback from users and most importantly if you are building shit, the … Continue reading Building Blogwith

Having Flat Tires? PomChek Go Where Is Here To Help.

After days of waiting, my app have gone LIVE on app store. I think I can now officially call myself a ”developer”, maybe an amateur one. so what is pomchek go where? pomchek or rather “pancit” means flat tire in Malay. pomchek go where means when you meet with a flat tire situation, where should … Continue reading Having Flat Tires? PomChek Go Where Is Here To Help.