WordPress vs Blogger – review after 1 month of blogger

It has been month since my last post on my decision on blogger.  After my decision I move on to customize my blogger, giving it a simple look trying out various SEO methods such as changing the title tag of my blog spot, adding meta description of the post and adding post url keyword in … Continue reading WordPress vs Blogger – review after 1 month of blogger

Does blogger really have a better SEO than wordpress?

Well, i have read quite a few blogs that mention that Blogger may have better SEO ability compare to wordpress/wordpress.com. Here is one example. Google loves Blogger blogs. It’s no wonder, it’s their company. Do their algorithms give Blogger blogs an unseen advantage? In a way, yes. First, by being a subdomain off of an … Continue reading Does blogger really have a better SEO than wordpress?

Iphone vs Android vs Win7 > who will win the mobile race

Samsung’s WinPho7 handset peeped, specs set in stone at MIXGreat opportunities popping out for window 7 mobile, now we have a few platform to develop new stuffs :)Iphone appsAndroid appsNow : Win7 Mob AppsI wonder who would win the mobile race in apps in time to come. Apple started with a lead... Google followed tightly … Continue reading Iphone vs Android vs Win7 > who will win the mobile race

New Blogger Template 2010

Yeah finally, Blogger has responded the all time request, new templates.For those who are contemplating about about wordpress vs blogger, because wordpress has a better and stylish template maybe this could change your mind 🙂 I think this certainly add points to blogger esp. when I am too thinking if I should change back to … Continue reading New Blogger Template 2010

Death of column blog post?

Well, if you notice I have previous blog about WordPress vs Blogger, their comparisons.Blogger having the ability to -custom its css (I have added, added this, adsense, widen my posting area, remove blogger's header and border) :)host own domainallow adswhile for WordPress - beautiful themebetter blogging feature - eg tag surfing (helps in promoting WP's … Continue reading Death of column blog post?

My review Blogger vs. WordPress.com 2010

Pulsed: Blogger vs. WordPress.com Comparison Chart - 2010 I have spent many hours..an I mean "many hours" wasted any of manyy productive hours>>>deciding what platform to use. WordPress or Blogger?... I mean... Does it really matter which platform I chose since both are free.... In fact I been switching between the 2... (the WP I … Continue reading My review Blogger vs. WordPress.com 2010

Tug of war

This book is a good read for those who want to understand what happen in the past to the Dollar and what might and may just be happening to the USD/YEN now..."In financial pundit Erdman's analysis, the global currency instability of 1995 began with the barely noticed devaluation of the Mexican peso, ricocheted throughout Latin … Continue reading Tug of war