Making The Jump

Today, I like to share something interesting, something different, something that's been troubling me for years. Have you been trying to learn a certain skill set and for many years you still failed to master it? For many years, I have this goal, this dream that I would get an IPPT Gold. What is IPPT, you can read here but … Continue reading Making The Jump

Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

Just last week, I had an awesome run with my friends over at Safra AHM. I am slightly disappointed with my timing because I was aiming for a 1:45:00. But this also pushes me to work harder for the next race. Thank you Weileen, Coach Sham and Weesan for your pacing, otherwise I would be … Continue reading Running the Safra Army Half Marathon 2012

Port Dickson Triathlon 2012 Post Thoughts

2 years ago, I did my first Port Dickson Triathlon 2010. I did it in a total of 02:46:24. Although it was below my target of 3 hours. I know deep in my heart that I could have done better. Because I pushed during the ride and at the run, I was unable to sustain and … Continue reading Port Dickson Triathlon 2012 Post Thoughts

These are my CRAZY friends…

Today, my friends and I are leaving for a Ironman Race in Western Australia. It seems just like yesterday when I completed my first Ironman in Langkawi. Also I remember that I blog about how impulsive I was to sign up for a second ironman. This race is very different from my first Ironman. The first Ironman I did it alone because some of my friends thought … Continue reading These are my CRAZY friends…

My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

I would like to sincerely thank Barefoot Store Singapore again for giving me the opportunity to try out their EVO Barefoot. The Experience It certainly not easy to run a full marathon with EVO Barefoot because this is my first time going such distance with a minimalist shoe. But I have to say the experience is good. … Continue reading My first marathon with EVO Barefoot

My Tokyo Marathon Timing!

Eversince my personal best in Shanghai Marathon 2008, I was not able to break my PB. But I have set myself a goal to have a sub 4hrs marathon timing with that I would not give up!

Route to IMWA 2011 – Swim Training 31 Jan 2011

Swim was good today. Although I did not go with the fast lane. I manage to catch with Kat. As I slowly correct my strokes I hope to do better in IMWA swim. Started with drills on kicks, pull follow by kicks again 50m * 6 - 1:30mins each but came back around 1:10mins 100m … Continue reading Route to IMWA 2011 – Swim Training 31 Jan 2011