Book Review: Growth Hacker Marketing

Good start to a brand new year. Managed to complete an audiobook this week. Titled: Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising by Ryan Holiday I was lead to this book because I had earlier read his book: Ego is the Enemy and Trust Me, I'm lying. But compared … Continue reading Book Review: Growth Hacker Marketing

2019: The usual goal setting for the year

The usual goal setting for the year It's the time of year again. Time for the usual goal setting and knowing that in a few months, that goal will be fail or the resolution will break. I believe by now most of us know that, it's hard to keep to new year resolution. But we … Continue reading 2019: The usual goal setting for the year

Reported #01

Created the first debut of Reported. Stepping into the new year, instead of just taking about life after work. The plan is to have it more entertaining and brings value to listeners. So working on the topic of lifestyle tech news best suits the group of friends around me. What's interesting is the name of … Continue reading Reported #01

Merry Xmas and a new podcast segment

Today is Christmas day, got up in early in the morning to record a podcast. This is a new segment I like to try and see if I can make it long lasting daily recording. The challenge I faced is not having content to say, what better to make up for content with daily news. … Continue reading Merry Xmas and a new podcast segment

How S-hook Lerine went viral

I am reading this book about the confession of a media manipulator, in one of the chapter titled: "Trading up the chain" I feel that it threads very closely to one of the viral sensation S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine. By now, I believe that the whole of SG should have known about S-Hook Zehzeh Lerine. … Continue reading How S-hook Lerine went viral

Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you

Received an email Amazon about an e-book gifted from a good Friend. The title is Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I did not paid much attention to it as I was having problem downloading the e-book onto my kindle due to the region settings. However, for someone to give a book. It only means that this book … Continue reading Don’t believe what your eyes are telling you