Building Bosslee Tech

maybe its due to the recent work environment that shape me. Or it could be my age, I turn 38 this year. What is there to lose, if want to do, just do lah. No one will have time to laugh at you and even if there is someone who laughs at you You can be sure that he/she was at least watching the videos.

Hello! Ubuntu Desktop

I have been using MacOS since my university days. It took me some effort but I have made the change to Ubuntu yesterday and things are looking good. (Maybe it is too early to say, will write a fuller review in a month or so) Why did I make the change? I have a Mac … Continue reading Hello! Ubuntu Desktop

Becoming a Strategic Thinker

A part of me starts to think, how do I move 2-3 steps ahead of others. I am not super smart, most of the time, I spot trend later than others. If this is the case, what should I be doing. #strategy

Trying out Intermittent Fasting during Circuit Breaker

Since we are mostly at home now, there is no better time to test out Intermittent Fasting. I tried out a few times in the past but because I need to have at least a meal sitting down with family it was hard to achieve. Before Covid19: If I am on 16/8, which is 16 … Continue reading Trying out Intermittent Fasting during Circuit Breaker

This blog is everything

Sometimes, I feel like this blog is everything. I write everything here. Good and bad. When I look back on my post, I can see I try to do many different things and it changes with age. From building startups, wanting to be an influencer, talking about sports, writing about family life and even talking … Continue reading This blog is everything

Rebuilding Launchbyte Website

Spend my weekend to rebuild the Launchbyte website moving it from self-hosted WordPress to a static site on Netlify. Now, I like to share that I am a fan of WordPress. This blog itself in hosted on The CMS is easy to use and with plugins you can even turn a WordPress site into … Continue reading Rebuilding Launchbyte Website

1st week of Circuit Breaker

Things are not looking that good for Singapore. During the Circuit Breaker, citizens are encouraged to stay at home and avoid unnecessary travel or gathering. However, there are always edge cases that occured especially it cuts across a long weekend. For me working from home is still manageable, it is very different from working remotely … Continue reading 1st week of Circuit Breaker

Free video conferencing tools for small business during the Circuit Breaker period

PSA: Here are some free tools for SG Businesses to use when the circuit breaker starts. It will be much better than whatsapp #covid19 #circuitbreaker

Making podcasts, videos online during Covid19 with Clips app

Since started working home, there was slighted more time to get those creative juices running. In the past, I used to take a 45mins to an hour commute to work. Usually I take that time to read a book to listen to a podcast. Now I try create something over consuming. I decided to get … Continue reading Making podcasts, videos online during Covid19 with Clips app