E-commerce in 2019: Year of the livestreamer

Livestreaming is like television shopping—think QVC—upgraded for the 21st century. It hosts real-time broadcasting of video content by presenters that model or try products. Viewers are able to immediately purchase the item from an embedded link online. Just like presenters on QVC, livestreaming hosts sell a wide range of products, from apparel and cosmetics to … Continue reading E-commerce in 2019: Year of the livestreamer

Google Maps’ Incognito Mode arrives on iOS

Alongside Incognito Mode, a bulk delete tool that removes multiple places from Maps’ timeline — a running list of places you’ve been — will roll out to both iOS and Android users starting next month, Google says. With it, you’ll be able to quickly find and delete multiple spots from your timeline and location history … Continue reading Google Maps’ Incognito Mode arrives on iOS

Learning about WW2

From the attack on Pearl Harbor to D-Day, the most pivotal events of World War II come to life in this vivid docuseries featuring colorized footage. Link Never thought I will be interested in history. When I was taking history, it was mostly pain. There are times where I find the story amazing but I … Continue reading Learning about WW2

Just Thoughts

Sitting on the plane, the plane is now cruising. Having the feeling to write something but have not idea what to write so I decided to just write what I'm thinking about. To publish or not? Now I'm thinking about should I write this post where should I published it? Should I published it on … Continue reading Just Thoughts

50: Operation Glowing Symphony

If you are into cyber security and interested in stories about Darknet (the other part of the internet that you never knew) This is an amazing podcast to listen to. (Darknet Diaries)[] I been listening to this podcast for sometime now. It really expanded my knowledge in the cyber world. Another such type of podcast … Continue reading 50: Operation Glowing Symphony

Residents islandwide to clean their own estates

“The whole objective of this exercise is primarily to show to the bulk of heartland residents in Housing and Development Board flats, for them to see what will happen (when litter is not cleared),” Mr D’Silva said.Residents islandwide to clean their own estates on April 26; town council cleaners to get day off - TODAYonline … Continue reading Residents islandwide to clean their own estates

Writing daily

I was spending more time being shallow, to get something posted, instead of taking that time to go deeper. link I tried to write daily in the past. I read blog posts after blog posts about how writing is good to kick start a habit. I agreed it starts to get into a habit but … Continue reading Writing daily