So what is it like to be working in a company?

So what is it like to be working in a growth company? This is also the first time I’m working for someone else. I have to say the benefit is that it really allows you to focus on your work rather than “am I making enough to survived?” 
Another benefit would be to learn about putting system in place. In business, having system in place is important. The system gives the business an opportunity to run itself without having the owner to perform the execution. Plus new employees can be onboard or take over roles easily too. 

but that’s about it 🙂

Today is day 3. Working in a growth company, the pace is fast. Things move around quickly. I have been onboard and have started working on a project. It also feels good to contribute into products that are use by millions. 


First direct city bus ride to work

Testing out a direct bus route to work from home. Starting a new job next week and it’s in the city area. 
Heading to the city from home is about 58mins travel listed on Google Map but I have to change a few times. So I decided to try out those premium bus services / city direct bus services. 

This is the first time, I heading back to work. Work as in working for someone and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. 

Anyway, the two bus services I’m looking to try is either Premium 550 or City Direct 671.

The cost are as follows:
Premium 550 – $3.80 
City Direct 671 – $2.40

So I woke up the same time, did a rehearsal of how I’m going to go to work, like setting up the routine. Left my house at 7:50. Reached the bus stop around 7:55. 

I was actually planning to take 671 but there was a queue forming at the bus stop, it’s those kind of queue that you think, it could be the queue for bus 671. So I thought I blend in, never didi expect that bus 550 to arrived. And I’m in the mid line of the queue so it seems funny that I suddenly drop off. So I made a choice, test out bus 550. The trip. E a little more but let’s see what time I arrived. 

I also need to account for rainy day today. 

Oh one last thing, it’s feels like taking a tour bus. In fact, it’s a tour bus that is fetching us. Lastly, always remember to empty your bladder when boarding long trips like this, you never know you get caught in a jam.

Update: bus arrived at venue at 0845

Why there are more Ofo bikes being thrown around.

However, Ofo has spoken out on the matter, encouraging the public not to lock the Ofo bicycles with their personal locks for the convenience of other users. via More chained and displaced Ofo bikes affirm why we can’t have nice things | Mothership.SG

I think it’s very hard for the public to be more considerate for others. Because humans / people are selfish. 

I really like the idea of these on demand bike sharing services. For example, there a oBike right in front of me as I’m writing this post right now. I’m waiting for Bus 163, the wait is around 15 mins for the bus to arrive. I could have take the oBike and ride home. 

you might be thinking, ya why are you not doing that?

That’s because I’m not prepare for night ride. In fact, I’m thinking if I could bring a helmet and a simple light with me each day, so I can hop on to any of these bike services day or night.

I think the main reason that I read more of Ofo bikes thrown around is because they do not have deposit. Once you signed up, you get coupons for free ride. And like the article said, Singaporeans love free stuff especially when “you do not be to be responsible for it”. Aka no deposit.

It’s also harder to find Ofo bikes, I Guess most of them are being lock up at homes or thrown in the bushes. oBike is easier but that’s because it has a GPS attached to the bike. 

I truly love to give Ofo a try but that’s provided that I can see or find one. I would believe Ofo might implement the deposit scheme soon, if they continue to see such trends for their bikes. 

Help me, help you. You get $3 credits on your first ride, I get it too 🙂

Promo code to oBike : 47955943B5

Or just click here

Understanding old people

As time past, I start to learn how to take better care of my Mom. I used to think that it’s my fault that she is suffering but that has changed. 
My Aunty who has taken care of old and stroke patient shares with me that this is part of the cycle. We, the caretaker cannot get “stressed” by the complains and the crying of the patient. Once you lose your cool, you will no longer be able to focus. 

You have to understand, that staying in the hospital is hard enough so what they want is attention. The complains and the crying are a way to draw attention. 


Listen to them, hear them out. I do the same for my Mom. Always here, changing my schedule, making sure that She hears me Everyday, even for a short while.

My two cents to “possible people who are reading this”, do not be stress. It is tough to be caregiver but you must focus. The one thing is COMFORT for the patient. 

Very challenging 

My Mom is on tube feeding and she has fluid restriction. It is very hard for me to see her in such a state. 

You see, when I visit her, she will keep telling me to bring food to her but each time I will comfort her that tml I will bring. I’m lying knowing that it is not possible because doctor put her on tube. I questioned myself if this is the right thing to do? Should I ignored all doctor advice and go ahead and bring her some comfort food. 

It’s hard already to stay in hospital and now they remove food (something that brings comfort to everyone). it’s like when I’m on the field during the army days, good warm food raised morale. It’s like when you are Travelling out for a long period of time, you missed the hawker food. 

Wtf this is very hard lei. I want to go crazy Liao. I need to breathe. 

I avoiding ops so that she can be spared from knives and pain but these tubes and all, should I avoid too? Her swallowing has issues, comsuming food and drinks normally runs a high risk to choking. Not giving her food, her morale is Super Low. 

How? How do I handle a stroke patient at a early stage? 

Making decision but for someone else

It’s hard to make decision for other people because you are not in their shoe. You are not them, you do not know what they want.
I have to make a decision. A decision if I should my allow my mom who is at the aged of 81 to take an injection (not sure what the medicinal term is call) that aids in CT scan analysis. It’s like having liquid that glows in your body so we can have a clearer CT scan analysis. There is a downside to this injection at this stage, that if the body is not able to discharge the liquid, it could lead to kidney failure. 

Why do we have to do that CT scan? Because during X-ray, the Doctors found a tint of shadow near the chest / lung area. There are suspicions of possible lump, in other words “might be cancerous”.  

So what do you do now? 

  • hoping for the best situation, taking the injection and have the CT scan and finds out that the shadow was nothing cancerous. 
  • or taking the injection and finding out that the lump is nothing cancerous but risk the chance of having kidney failure 

  • or take the injection, finds out that the shadow / lump is cancerous. Start doing the necessary stuff to deal with the cancerous lump depending on the stage that is it in.

remember that my mom is aged 81

Do I want her to suffer?


I ask myself this question too, if it is me, will I want to do it? Do I want risk kidney failure and lived in a machine or will I choose to go peaceable. 

it’s Hard to make such decision

Eventually, I went for ignoring the injection and the CT scan. I have come to a conclusion that even if a “cancerous” lump was discover, there is no chance that we will want her to go through those painful treatments or even ops. All I want is comfort for her now. 

Most important what is more urgent on hand now is her stroke condition.

I realised people do not write or talk about all these. I think maybe “death” is a topic that people frequently avoid. I want to avoid this topic too but the time have come for me to talk about it. I believe it is important that if the day comes and I have to make even crazier decision for her, what does she want. 

Working from home

This episode talks about working from home and how to Organise your own space. Especially when you are working from home, how do you void distraction from your child or administrative stuff.

Free Agents: 16: R2-D2 on My Desk

You see, as a freelancer we have “freedom” to work from anyway we want but at the same time knowing that we have “freedom” we cannot abuse it. We also cannot let others abuse it too. 

For example, when I work from home. I set hours that I do not help to perform “home tasks”, like getting the milk / groceries from the supermarket. I can certainly help to open the door or pick up registered mail. So Long it does Not distract me from work. 

The beauty of working from home is that we can schedule our time to do groceries when we want, especially during off peak hours. Nevertheless, the challenge is not to abuse it. 


  1. Set aside time for real work
  2. Let your family members know that the time for real work and what are the times you can help with admin chores.

I believe they will understand you will be more productive at home too:)

Maybe it’s time 

5:30am and I just called the ambulance. 

Since my mom discharged two days ago, she has gone from bad to worst. When she discharged she was vibrant and alive. We brought to the Food courts and she was enjoying the food. 

Yesterday when I was back from ICT, I realised she was no in a good condition. She started having issues with her swallowing and also becoming weaker. She has issues wearing her pants after going to the toilet. She has no strength to walk, the hands are trembling and the blood pressure is high at 220. 

We thought maybe it is just part of the condition. So she took her usual recommdation and headed for the bed. But she keeps waking up to spit out her phlegm which we realised that there is nothing. 

At 5:30 we decided we had to send her. Her condition was going bad to worst. 

What’s on my mind right now?

  1. Her health

  2. Medical bills 

Mom, mild stroke

Last week, my mom had mild stroke. I discovered it when she started talking in a sense that I could not understand. During that time she was still watching TV and I was to go for my bath. I rush out and check on her.

At the moment in time, I was unsure if she was having stroke because when I tried to talk to her, she suddenly seems to be alright again. But in a few minutes time, the speech difficult starts coming back. 

I was confused and not sure if I should be calling the ambulance. There are ads on TV that shows that if there are signs of stroke, we should call the amhbukance immediate but one moment she is alright another she is not. 

This is the ad: I think everyone should watch it, it tells you how to spot a stroke patience. 

So I decided to send her to the GP, while making our way to GP, she seems to be doing fine. Ability to talk normally and also say that she does not want to go hospital. (Old people always like to say that they do not like to go hospital). But I also sense her lack of strength in gripping as she holds me hand. 

I thought that everything was alright when I reach the GP, because it was late and she the number two in queue. Upon talking to the GP, the ambulance was called.

I took my first ambulance ride to the hospital. Now at this juncture, it’s hard for me to decide if I have called the ambulance in the first place. Because I understand that A&E is for emergency and only call Ambulance when there is an emergency. But the challenge I have is what is an emergency? An emergency to you might not be an emergency to me, especially when I’m not able to determined the situation. 

So there she was in the A&E, Doctors and Nurses at KPTH, was nice and very understanding. They shared more the conditions and decided to give some tests. 

When the test results was out, she had indeed had a stroke. A mild one, thank God. But I also realised she was getting weaker and less of her normal self. 

She was to stay in hospital for more checks and for her condition to stable. During the week, she also looks better with the good care from hospital and not to mentioned that she made friends with nurses too. 

This is my learning. Do not hesitate to call an ambulance when you deem there is a Stroke happening to someone. Watch out for the following 

  1. Speech difficults
  2. Face dropping 
  3. Lost of strength 

These are the critical signs. If you see these, you call hospital immediately, immediately.