No ads, Gmail

Ads will continue to appear inside the free version of Gmail, as promoted messages. But instead of scanning a user’s email, the ads will now be targeted with other personal information Google already pulls from sources such as search and YouTube. Ads based on scanned email messages drew lawsuits and some of the most strident … Continue reading No ads, Gmail


Coffee detox failed 💪

My target was to go on a coffee detox for a week but I gave up on day 6. Here's my sharing 🙂 Till next round, I will defeat you. 

Dead town 

I was listening to this podcast about a town in US, California that have more dead 💀 people than the living. In the town of Colma, California, the dead outnumber the living by a thousand to one. Via 99% Invisible: 258- The Modern Necropolis As I think about it, cemetery is a pretty interesting place. … Continue reading Dead town 

Coffee is a drug

This is the start of day 3 of no coffee week for me. I hope it is getting better because it feels like I’m a drug addict going through rehab. Coffee is a drug, I said it! coffee is a drug It’s a drug that I love. It’s keep me awake, refresh and strong 💪. … Continue reading Coffee is a drug

Living in a bubble 

Made a one min video on the topic about life living in a bubble. This year, I'm working on more video production. Less than 5 mins, mostly 1 min videos I'm using the clips app by Apple. Looks decent on instagram but on YouTube it's a bit challenging. I have a goal, my goal … Continue reading Living in a bubble 


Every morning, I wake up early to do a short 30mins yoga. It really helps to start the day and most importantly gives me the "mindset" that I have exercise for the day. I used to exercise quite a bit but due to work. I stopped for a while but I need to get back … Continue reading #yogaeverydamnday

Feels good to be podcasting again 

Launchbyte Podcast: LB69 – Nanyang Coldbrew is the best Hopefully this time, we can be more consistent and mKe something meaningful out of it. I want to make it into public radio 📻 one day.

ELK – product of 🇸🇬 Singapore

Currency converters have been done plenty of times before, but Elk is about as slick as it gets. The Apple Watch app, in particular, is particularly solid for those who hop from country to country and currency to currency; it’s lightweight, clutter-free and uses your current location to pre-determine the currencies you’ll need to see. … Continue reading ELK – product of 🇸🇬 Singapore

🍎 guy

I got my first MAC in 2006, the first year of NUS. I alway thought it was cool to have MAC. It’s white, it’s associated with being design centric and it was different. But it wasn’t the best tool to be use in business school, especially when you need to run tons of excel. During … Continue reading 🍎 guy

Safari is faster than Chrome

A podcast show at WWDC2017. It’s worth a listen. Gives you a summary of the event and also they talk about Apple’s policy with Privacy and Safari is faster 🙂 For all Apple and non Apple fans 🙂 The Talk Show With John Gruber: 193: ‘Crack Marketing Team’ — Live From WWDC 2017 With Phil … Continue reading Safari is faster than Chrome