Live streaming becoming an important channel for WeChat Sellers

Now Tencent is looking at ramping things up. The company said that in 2020, it will focus even more on adding merchants and services to mini programs, giving them new capabilities like live streaming. In September, the company said it would enable sellers to sell products through live streaming within WeChat. That puts it in direct … Continue reading Live streaming becoming an important channel for WeChat Sellers

Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

but the rise of remote and distributed teams is the most important secular shift driving the trend. Zapier published a report on remote work which found that 74% of American knowledge workers would quit their jobs to work remotely.Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups - Lightspeed Venture Partners - Medium This articles talks about the startups operating … Continue reading Mapping Workplace Collaboration Startups

Build a bot to remind me that Life is short

I build a telegram bot this weekend to remind me that life is short. The bot is call "Snake", you can use it too. Why did I build this? This project started because my friend WW show me a site call FailFlow and it has an app that calculates how many weeks I have left … Continue reading Build a bot to remind me that Life is short

E-commerce 2020

I have been in the e-commerce industry for 3 years, not counting those period when I try to sell things online. These 3 years working in this competitive landscape truly opens up my eyes. We are still young when compared China in terms of e-commerce maturity. Both on how sellers operate and the technology powering … Continue reading E-commerce 2020

A note to self: You are a builder

The benefit of blogging, brings you back memories. Writing this on the first day of 2020 as a note to self. Because now I have a little skill to build something that custom to my needs. I can solve my own problem.I'm a builder In 2013, I became a builder. It all started because I … Continue reading A note to self: You are a builder

Side Projects Status 2019

Build something – 6 ideas 💡 Start getting into the habit of building.Starting a new chapter – This is Bosslee In July, I wrote that I need to get back into the habit of building. Here to introduce two projects I worked on. Initially I had the issue of learning what language, I settled on … Continue reading Side Projects Status 2019

iPhone 7 2020

I'm sitting in the Apple Store as I wait for my repair to be ready. Today I brought in my trusty iPhone 7 for a change of battery. My plan is to use the phone till it reach EOL, ie till it no longers receive the latest software. I believe iPhone 7 still have two … Continue reading iPhone 7 2020

PCN Coast to Coast Part 1

While walking the PCN one day, a thought stuck me to do something crazy before the year ends. So at that point of time, I saw the sign "Coast to Coast" - it's a 36KM walk route that starts from Jurong and ends at Coney island. With that in mind, I planned for it to … Continue reading PCN Coast to Coast Part 1

Painting Southeast Asia in a single brush stroke

One of the most interesting thing that I learn while working in an e-commerce company that has presence in Southeast Asia is that you CANNOT paint Southeast Asia in a single brush stroke. The term Southeast Asia is like a western construct for whole area, for each of countries are so different especially in culture, … Continue reading Painting Southeast Asia in a single brush stroke

TCM-inspired beauty products

The influence of TCM is growing in the modern beauty world, but it’s only in the past several years that it has been thrust to the front lines as part of a larger ingestible supplement trend.Skin food: How traditional Chinese medicine is driving millennial beauty trend - TODAYonline TCM is something that I got into … Continue reading TCM-inspired beauty products