This is Bosslee

Documenting work on the internet

About Me

Hi! My name is Tuck Sing and friends like to call me Bosslee.

2020 is a crazy year. A year where people are moving their lives online and reorienting our relationship with the outside world.

I am taking this opportunity to do a digital reboot and starting over.
Starting everything fresh and leaving the old baggage behind.

  1. "This is Bosslee" has been the place I been logging down my life and ideas.
  2. The first post "How to blog" was created on 2006-10-03. 14 years ago. I cannot imagine how time flies.
  3. Throughout the years, I wrote a lot of nonsense. Looking book, they bring a lot of laughters

Now they are all archived.

I always think that I know what I want and I am focus. But this is not true. I am like a headless chicken running around. 2017, my startup failed. I went to join a corporate. The last 4 years, I understand myself better. I learn my strengths, weaknesses and importantly I learn to focus.

The projects I committed to years ago were dictating my present and keeping me from feeling like I could make room for what’s next.

Now it is time for me to start over.

Find out what am I doing now here