Building Bosslee Tech

Bosslee Tech is a Youtube channel that talks about eCommerce, Open Source Software Reviews and sharing life after work (real talk).

I set up my Youtube account in 3 Apr 2006. Very little creating, most of the time consuming. I always think of creating and building up the channel. Had a few ideas such as:

– a channel about cooking with a focus on TCM diet
– an unboxing channel with a niche on Xiaomi products
– a channel that talks about tech news in SEA

But I did not take any action or even if I did, I drop off halfway.
I realized that I only wanted the outcome of being successful but not the process of going thought the hardwork on creating content.

Another big thing which I think was a major blocker for me was “being worried about how others think about me” or even laugh at me.

“this guy trying to be an influencer, what does he know”, “video quality is so bad” etc etc

Face skin very thin, but in the last 3 years. maybe its due to the recent work environment that shape me. Or it could be my age, I turn 38 this year. What is there to lose, if want to do, just do lah. No one will have time to laugh at you and even if there is someone who laughs at you You can be sure that he/she was at least watching the videos.

So I present you Bosslee Tech.

To all my friends and readers; love to get your feedback. Please like and subscribe to the channel if you are into the content

This is the first video